October 6, 2012

WikiLeaks Rally: Afghan Peace Volunteers' Statement, 6 Oct'12

Afghan Peace Volunteers’ statement read at Oct 6 rally for #Assange & #WikiLeaks

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are a group of courageous activists campaigning for an end to war in their country.
This statement, read at the October 6 Sydney rally for Assange and Wikileaks, was arranged through Gail Malone, an Australian peace activist and member of the Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition. Gail has been talking to members of the Afghan Peace Volunteers since the first Global Day of Listening 18 months ago.

Monthly Days of Listening involve skype conversations between Afghan peace activists and others around the world. Conversations are recorded so that the listening – and learning – can be shared by others. Anyone can take part: visit globaldaysoflistening.org

During Gail’s first conversation, as soon as they heard that she was Australian, the Afghan participants mentioned their support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Publication of the Afghan War logs gave them hope that we in the West would see the reality of the suffering created by the war in their country, and work with them towards achieving peace.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers Friends of WikiLeaks has been established and we hope this statement will be the first step in an ongoing collaboration with them.

Statement in protest of the 11th year of US/ NATO war in Afghanistan

Dear Wikifriends, Stop the War Coalition and other friends,

We thank you all for the work that you do for a more transparent, just and peaceful world!

After 11 years of the U.S./NATO war in Afghanistan, and the three decades of war before that, we are very tired of the killings.

This war cannot stop the war. This human method of war doesn’t work.

Afghans have a saying that “blood cannot wash away blood” and we’ve witnessed and experienced its truth, daily. The US has lost 2,000 of their soldiers. Afghans have lost at least 2 million loved ones over the past four decades of war.

Stop. Stop the killings. Stop the mutual bloodshed. Stop spending two billion US dollars a week just on killing. Stop the drones. Stop the use of depleted uranium. Stop.

Ordinary Afghans don’t need more weapons or more war. We need food, water, shelter and clothing. We need education, health care and decent livelihoods for all.

We also need friends. We wish to remember the 2 million Afghan victims of war by finding 2 million friends for peace in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers ask for a ceasefire from all warring groups. We want peace, the peace which is the colour, soul and jewel of life, without which we live bearing fears and worries, and without which life has little meaning.

In 2010, we the Afghan Peace Volunteers inscribed our beliefs and hopes on a plaque that sits at the entrance of Bamiyan Peace Park in the centre of Afghanistan, “Why not love? Why not bring peace? Even a little of our love is stronger than the wars of the world.”

The Afghan Peace Volunteers

Sourced from: Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition

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