October 14, 2012

Maryanne Ny you coward out of the trenches now!

Christine Assange ‏@AssangeC
"MT@scoobynote: #Assange, initiating sexual intercourse without a condm while someone asleep, constitutes rape in Sweden//SW NOT asleep

Interesting twitter from JA´s mom, SW did not sleep!!

Why she says it, yes, because she knows. So it is the defense approach to the allegations and word against word. Is it possible to prove? Is it possible to trap it? The answer is obviously and unequivocally no, no and no! It is high time that Sweden do something constructive to solve the impasse. There are demands from more and more places that the ball is in Sweden, while the meter is ticking.
MN you coward out of the trenches now!

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WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
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