November 30, 2012

Julian Assange on Wikileaks, Bradley Manning and the Emerging Surveillance State

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, may testify today at a pretrial proceeding for the first time since he was arrested in May 2010. Manning could face life in prison if convicted of the most serious of 22 counts against him. His trial is expected to begin in February.

Palestine and the Assange Test

Many congratulations to Palestine on being recognised as a non-member state at the United Nations. There is a distinct irony that, apart from the unreconstructed climate change deniers in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic, the supporters of Palestinian genocide could only muster votes from the tiniest island states threatened by climate change. Where is the much vaunted American Empire now?

Statement by Antony Loewenstein in support of Canberra Candlelight Vigil for #Assange

The fol­low­ing state­ment by me was read out last night in front of par­lia­ment house in Can­berra to sup­port Ju­lian As­sange and Wik­ileaks:

Swedish journalists AB, Svenska Dagbladet and SR which published WikiLeaks material can be brought to US law

New interview with Assange:

Assange: Any journalist, anywhere, that receives classified material and then publish it could be accused of espionage according to the latest Pentagon interpretation of the Espionage Act. US Dept of Justice has embraced this interpretation (min sammanfattning).

November 29, 2012

Financial giants use McClelland statements to blockade WikiLeaks

 The companies strangling WikiLeaks are partly relying on the Australian government’s discredited claims about the illegality of WikiLeaks’ publication of diplomatic cables.

Ambassador's rage doesn't dispel facts

Swedish ambassador goes berserk over Assange,'' read Monday's Wiki-tweet. It rang a bell, as it bounced around the globe, for while most diplomats are polite to the point of somnambulism, my sole encounter with the Swedish ambassador had been distinguished by rage (his). This rage, rooted in WikiLeaks, had itself been Wikileaked.

Assange has chronic lung infection; still holed up in Ecuadorian Embassy

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has developed a chronic lung infection and requires constant medical attention at his refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. 

November 28, 2012

WikiLeaks cash blockade 'ordered' by American 'hard-right'

WikiLeaks has released European Commission documents which allegedly show ‘hard-right US politicians’ orchestrated an ‘extrajudicial’ banking blockade against the whistle-blowing site.

November 26, 2012

A curious position for the UK to adopt?

There is great relevance in whether or not the US are actively planning to extradite Julian Assange- this is the key aspect to his appeal against extradition to Sweden and a key element in the decision of Ecuador to grant Assange asylum. In this respect, the resolution of the Swedish case against Assange pivots around the existence (or otherwise) of an extradition request from the US. Why does the UK Secretary of State maintain a position of silence on this matter and why is this important?


[Lee Wanta is not mentioned here but he was pivotal in the intelligence operations against the Soviet ruble from 1988!]

In 1989 President George H. W. Bush began the multi-billion dollar Project Hammer program using an investment strategy to bring about the economic destruction of the Soviet Union including the theft of the Soviet treasury, the destabilization of the ruble, funding a KGB coup against Gorbachev in August 1991 and the seizure of major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union. Those resources would subsequently

November 25, 2012

Christmas cards for Julian

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Julian Assange
C/-Equador Embassy
3 Hans Crescent
London SW1X 0LN
A Good Idea! Spread it through all available channels worldwide.

Ecuador given written warning from UK embassy Quito

  its a man who writes Foreign ministry, asks Carl Bildt how he gonna protect Swedish citizens on Sweden soil. If he gonna shake B a coward and do something to solve situation 4 Assange and WL.

November 23, 2012

Prosecution of Anonymous activists highlights war for Internet control

The US and allied governments exploit both law and cyber-attacks as a weapon to punish groups that challenge it
The Anonymous hacking collective urging the US public to stop the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act (Cispa) in the

Swedish Hospitals were hacked by Assange's 'hangers'

An international hacker network is suspected hackers in health care in the Västra Götaland Region, said Expressen.

November 22, 2012

New Year in Quito or place of choice

Some more dates in Manning case that directly have a bearing on the situation of JA

"Manning... February 4, 2013, start of his court martial at Fort Meade, Maryland."

Analysis: Bradley Manning accepts responsibility for act of conscience

Why, what it means, doesn’t mean, and what next

By Jeff Paterson, Bradley Manning Support Network. November 19, 2012. Published at
Army Private Bradley Manning recently informed the military court that he was, in fact, the source of information published by WikiLeaks. While the 24 year old Intelligence Analyst, effectively, took responsibility for transferring classified documents, in violation of military regulations, he maintained that he was not guilty of all 22 charges against him.

CIA used the file-sharing bust in Sept 2010 to assert IPs between Manning's aunt and WikiLeaks

In certain chronological order:
Since very little new added to the last few days I thought I'd take the opportunity to spread a rumor to see if anyone here knows more.

Swedish intel working with US intel since 2010 to establish link Manning-WikiLeaks

The situation for Assange has nothing to do with sex accusations but depends entirely on the situation between the U.S., Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange to appear in Germany on same day as cancelled Union video-link

Raymond Brown

Julian Assange will appear via video link in Germany on the same day as a cancelled talk at the Cambridge Union.

The Wikileaks founder was due to talk from his sanctuary in the Ecuadorean Embassy to members of the Cambridge Union Society in a question and answer session on Tuesday, November 27.

November 19, 2012

OPISRAEL: We are not terrorists. We know what happens to victims of oppression when the lights go dark.

[This article has been copied from Anonymous Site, I support the work the Anons have been doing specially; the great support still given to Sandy's Hurricane Victims and now to defenceless, oppressed and invaded Palestines.  Someone has to help and Anonymous are there to tell it like is and be where our governments are missing]

Swedish Pirate Party not interested in 'Human Rights'

[...]Can attack JA indirectly have been a way to access the Pirate Party? I remember that Falkvinge in this thread told me how happy he was to have tied to WikiLeaks Pirate Party.

November 18, 2012

Gaza: Qatar PM slams 'wasteful' Arab League meetings

CAIRO: Qatar's prime minister on Saturday delivered a biting criticism of Arab League meetings during emergency talks in Cairo, and called for a review of the pan-Arab body's dealing with the Palestinian issue.

let's take a look at the Israel "Education" system

because, it is every child's right to be "educated"
by the government that respects Human Rights
The following are not postcards, they are, children from Israel learning quality skills.  The pictures speak by themselves.  Notice the 3rd picture... that is a child.

Israel's IDF protecting Jews from high rank "terrorists"

Please take a look at the
high rank terrorists attacking Israel
Haaretz, Israel's Interior Minister, Eli Yishai,
said this about Israel's attacks on Gaza:
"The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages."

Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza

The Obama administration's unstinting financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel is a key enabling force in the conflict

Re Anakata hacking: Swedish Intelligence Contractor

Telia denies Logica outsourcing breached data protection law

November 15, 2012


Telecomix IRC:

For Arabic Translation follow this link please:


Raids are ongoing and a lot stronger than before. One theory says they're planning for a (very) big raid so they want to cut internet off to prevent covering it to the outside world

How to Connect to the internet when Oppressed by ur government #GAZA

COPIED ACROSS TO HELP OUT ONLY...  created by Anonymous

 For Arabiv Translation follow this link please:

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Forget the West, our future is to the North

 Opinion by: Paul Keating - November 15, 2012

We risk becoming a Western outpost unless we focus on Indonesia.

It is not support to rape victims but feminism's dominance

Cambridge University Students' Union seeks to block Assange "Secretly"

In an email leaked to The Tab the CUSU Women's Officer has called on supporters to force the Union to disinvite Julian Assange.

November 14, 2012

Getting Away With Torture

November 13, 2012 

In a decision that ignored a 41-year-old precedent and American obligations under international law, a United States appeals court has ruled that American civilians who are tortured by the American military cannot recover damages from the people responsible.

November 6, 2012

Calling support for Alexander Higgins affected by Sandy


[Hi, I'm JEG: to save time I have copied across the message below posted on another site. I strongly support Alex and I would like to ask my readers to please share your generosity with him today, thanks a million times]

The general public is indebted to Alexander Higgins for his steadfast reporting on Fukushima radiation and other news topics that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

Swedish News agency updating articles so far 220 articles about Assange and WikiLeaks

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What do you mean it's strange?

Ardin contradicting herself

Careless or not, that's the impression I got from the following sentence:
 "The question answers Anna that she looked more closely at the condom, if it was broken in that way she thinks, but says that she believes that she has left the condom at home and will look into this. '"

November 4, 2012

Force the Swedish MSM to consider the facts they want to deny

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Here we have the problem in a nutshell. Something strange going on but no one wants, dryers, dare delve into it, because it is against the normal instinct to distrust victims.

November 1, 2012

Assange: Swedish gender war

As we still conjures up the forces in Sweden who are anti-Assangelobbyn I do it to supplement with the Swedish feminist bible is the ideological foundation that gender warriors in the radical feminist sect made use of:

Females Wanted for Swedish Love Market

Letters to Perklev written in favor of someone more suited, I have my babies in this but there are many who are far more knowledgeable on condoms and EAW.

Sponsored anti-Assange Swedish Parrots

Since a majority of the "younger" Assange opponents seem to have a background in Sverok I find it appropriate to quote a bit from an article that reviews the compound:

WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin

WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
our new development will be placed at the ACT