November 5, 2012

CIA attempting new honey trap against Craig Murray with the help of friend they've compromised

Craig Murray recently announced on his blog that the CIA worked to ensure that Correa would not be re-elected president in February next year.

This would reportedly financed by money that the CIA concealed arranged through drug trafficking, similarly as in the Iran-Contra affair.

These data from Murray has since been confirmed by a Chilean journalist named Patricio Mery Bell. We know that Murray has previously told me that he was the victim of defamation, kind of honey trap by the English secret service.

Well, after the Chilean journalist encountered Murray's data, he was approached by a woman who previously tipped him about things, which wanted him to come to her because she had information about their drug business. Once there, she asked to borrow his cell phone to make a call but she began rather scarce on the phone, as it seemed, to access information in it and the journalist took it from her and a slight altercation occurred.

Now the woman, such as has a background in anti-Castro groups, a few days ago reported the journalist of assault, with some sexual innuendo.

Hmmm, it does not feel again somehow?

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