November 6, 2012

Swedish News agency updating articles so far 220 articles about Assange and WikiLeaks

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What do you mean it's strange?
More have responded to your attention:

Rixstep News ‏@rixstepnews
#Flashback: Sweden's tabloid media redacting articles about #Assange months after publication
At three o'clock at night, March 10, 2011, updated only these two articles in Aftonbladet:

Internet World's own James Bond, 2010-04-20

He published the movie that showed laughing American soldiers mowing down Iraqis, 2010-04-29

Articles published thus almost a year ago and is now updated in the middle of the night. Then there is a break of a few hours and it will continue a systematic update from about seven in the morning and throughout the day.

A stop in again from about half past four o'clock in the evening, starting for updates from twenty-three times that continue during the night Later in the morning on March 11. Since updating individual articles during the day and from the eighteenth time made a systematic effort until just after nine in the evening.

During this time, "updated" about 220 articles about Assange that is published from 2010-04-06 until 2011-03-04. My wonder is why it worked so diligently during these two days, and what is it updated? There are some updates later, but not to the same extent.

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