November 24, 2012

Cuba's support for #Assange and sentiment against #Ardin very strong

Anna Ardin is well known at the embassy in Havana.

Hanna Lambert Embassy in Havana, reports to the Swedish Foreign Ministry den 21 August 2012.
"Embassy comment:

Cuba's commitment to Julian Assange, for many the very symbol of infomation freedom, may seem paradoxical but is multilayered. In the current situation is the Cuban commitment to a large extent on the solidarity of the ALBA and support for Ecuador's right for självbMeetingsend, but not only.

WikiLeaks leaked diplomatic reports of the arch-enemy the United States movements were gratefully received by the Cuban government and piquant DTALbecause out of them published frequently and with ill-concealed delight in Cuban media. Cuba has Assange come to see an ally and support for him has been strengthened by speculation that he risks extradition and potentially the death penalty in the United States.

Another factor is that one of the Swedish women who accuse Assange of sexual abuse / rape is known by Cuban authorities for their political work and support for the Cuban opposition. Cuba has from the beginning rejected the charges against Assange and the Cuban media at earlier time cast doubt on women and their testimony. "
Source: MFA Assangemapp
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