November 6, 2012

Ardin contradicting herself

Careless or not, that's the impression I got from the following sentence:
 "The question answers Anna that she looked more closely at the condom, if it was broken in that way she thinks, but says that she believes that she has left the condom at home and will look into this. '"
Anna says then things about condom without her even looked at it. She may be the natural follow-up question from the interrogator, and it is only when she enters that she will not leave it as evidence, but self-examine it. This sounds to me like she was not prepared to be as concrete answer for their suggestions.
Quoted from Anna Ardin's hearings:
"Another time then got Assange tripping her and then pulled out. When Assange removed the condom from his penis Anna saw that it was empty of semen. "

No. Here, you are wrong. Anna also claims (just before) that she HAS looked at the condom. It is "empty," she says. It is therefore natural that the next question will be.

For some reason Anna is willing to lie to get JA arrested. I can only speculate about her motives.

Maybe she had per chance got the idea that SW suffered real abuse? It would be a possible motive. But SW has not been subjected to any abuse. This is in turn affected by SWS questioning.

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