November 23, 2012

Swedish Hospitals were hacked by Assange's 'hangers'

An international hacker network is suspected hackers in health care in the Västra Götaland Region, said Expressen.

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The loosely assembled hacker network Anonymous, which claims to support Julian Assange, may have been able to get over confidential patient information from the early 1990s to the fall of 2009. It is so, the name, address and some information that can be linked to the disease the patient had. However, no medical records.
"Approximately, these are access to several hundreds of thousands of patients' data," it says in an IT safety investigation Expressen seen.
In an email to Västra Götaland County Council IT section was a warning directed to the Swedish and British authorities, saying: "We will not abandon Julian Assange." Writes Expressen.

The case reported to the police

If the hackers actually accessed the information is not clear. According to Expressen, the patients in the area around Trollhattan, Vanersborg and Uddevalla who may have been affected. The operation should have taken place in August this year.
The investigation of the case shall have demonstrated that IT security had major flaws, writes Expressen.
- You have made it through our security barriers and come to a server where data were available. If you made it or not, we can not answer, says Göran Ejbyfeldt, IT Director at Västra Götaland, to Expressen.
According Ejbyfeldt the problem now be fixed.
The case is reported to the police as a suspected hacking.

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