November 4, 2012

Force the Swedish MSM to consider the facts they want to deny

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Here we have the problem in a nutshell. Something strange going on but no one wants, dryers, dare delve into it, because it is against the normal instinct to distrust victims.
The only people who write openly about it are extremists who are so unpleasant that it only reinforces the tendency to silence the usual participants in the public debate. It can break the deadlock is perhaps someone housebroken person writes in a respected medium. Or if foreign articles are so detailed that they can not be ignored.
Agree. Right on target. It is difficult to gain support for the view that Assange might be at a right abuses. It is interpreted as attacks on victims.

BBC debate between Craig Murray and Joan Smith illustrates this with the clarity. Her strong emotional argument goes out that we need to take women's concerns seriously and that if someone reports a crime, then it deserves to be taken seriously. At that point, she just right. There can be no dispute. 
The problem occurs in position 2: when you have already taken note of the allegations and begin reviewing the evidence, the stories and the circumstances around it. It has Craig Murray made and concluded that Anna Ardin is lying (same conclusion as Goran Rudling drawn from very different starting points). But where was Murray apparently crossed the line. Murray tries to discuss women prayed basis ("conduct") and terminated immediately with that he is a "rape apologist". He may not put forward their views.

How do you break the impasse? The network is a possibility. But it is not enough. We need to move the debate to the MSM as well.

I believe that the most effective strategy is to force that the facts can not be ignored like;
  • Anna Ardin deleted erased tweets; 
  • Mats Gehlins "necessary changes" in the minutes; 
  • Anna Ardin condom that lacks DNA and has never been used; 
  • Prosecutor Ny lied about what is on the Act in terms of interrogation abroad; 
  • secret SMS saying that Sofia Wilen would be avenged, 
  • and to earn money by revelations to Expressen, etc.
Specific disclosures in other words. We have seen with the frenzy of the blue pony in this thread tried to deny or belittle those facts. Generally grate soars against feminism, however has not proved particularly successful.

BBC debate:

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