November 1, 2012

Females Wanted for Swedish Love Market

Letters to Perklev written in favor of someone more suited, I have my babies in this but there are many who are far more knowledgeable on condoms and EAW.

'Rico Santin
Tell your government to subsidize dildos for the largely sick Swedish female population. In this way the world will be a better place.'

There is a huge awareness that the female population in Sweden do have some issues. The Swedish government has acted upon that, and government owned Apoteket is selling dildos to the female population as 'fredagsmys':!11_1011-62/
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Sweden, at least Stockholm, do have the highest number of singles recorded in Europe, we don't really want to date each other. Other solutions are preferred. The feminist hate agenda in Sweden have a price:
(manual translation in quotes)

The Swedes have the most exclusive homes in Europe

Sweden has the most single households in Europe.  But that does not mean we feel alone. Instead, we are individualists who feel free to have the contacts we want. It says Lars Tornstam, professor of sociology at Uppsala University.

- Sure, we need social networking, but the question is whether we really need to stay together.
Almost every other Swedish households are one person households, and most are in the big cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
Sweden tops the list of the proportion of single-person households in Europe. There may be a result of the Swedes taking the lead for the increased individualization. It says Lars Tornstam, Professor of Sociology.

- Loneliness is not always a bad thing, most of us need some solitude in order to function.
You can turn things around and say that we in Europe are highly individualistic. Community development go more in that direction and we Swedes taking the lead, he said.

Economic link

A common perception is that northerners are more lonely than people in southern Europe, for example. But according to Lars Tornstam is a misconception.

- In some countries, one is forced to the same accommodation, for example, economic distress, and it can give a sense of loneliness and lack of freedom.
While we in the Nordic countries can live a freer life and have contact with friends and intergenerational as we want, he says.

It is difficult to compare the proportion of single-person households with the rest of Europe.
But there is a connection between the high standard of living and the number of single households. In Spain, Portugal and Cyprus has the fewest single households in the European Union. While Sweden tops the list, followed by Finland, Denmark and Germany.

Alone Mastering in their 30s

The increased individualization is sometimes considered to contribute to the social networks weaken. But the Swedes' experience of loneliness has not increased in recent years, rather than the Swedes have strong networks and relationships, and feel in relation to the rest of Europe, very little alone. The study shows "Loneliness in Sweden 1985-2008" by Lars Tornstam presented in 2008 at Uppsala University.

The study also shows that many feel most alone in her 30s, and not when they get older.

- Most lonely you can feel as a young man in the middle of the big city bustle, while an elderly person living alone out on a mountain not feel alone.
It becomes a bit of a paradox. But it may be that with time need to be more alone, and that it is then a chosen solitude, Lars Tornstam.

Need for social contacts

Human beings need social contact, but why loneliness considered hazardous, according to Lars Tornstam be because it can be associated with other adverse events.

- Loneliness may also come as a result of illness or the like that can lead to a loss of friends and contacts, then it will be negative. Our study also shows that loneliness not only has to do with relationships, but it can also mean that you had a difficult childhood that makes you feel you are outside, he says.!16_2237-23/
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Swedish men are very much into trying to find partners abroad, yes. Sweden needs some 1-2 million foreign women to fill the vacancies on the Swedish love market.

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