November 1, 2012

Sponsored anti-Assange Swedish Parrots

Since a majority of the "younger" Assange opponents seem to have a background in Sverok I find it appropriate to quote a bit from an article that reviews the compound:

"Sweden's role and Conflict gaming affiliates get the most funding of all - this year alone, youth organization received 21 million"  (more on these quotes here)

"Sverok, or Sweden's role and Conflict gaming league, is the country's largest youth organization by far. With 175,000 grant founding members, you are ten times as large as SSU, Young Left, Green Youth, LUF, KDU and CUF. Together."

"Youth Board gave out 209 million to youth organizations 2012th Over 21 million went to Sverok, ie every tenth contributions crown."

"The first thing that greets a visitor at War-hammer website is a clear step-by-step guide on how to start an association and then applying for a grant for this. The website also includes practical guides on how young people can maximize different types of grants. Today it is also possible to start digital associations, where you do not need to be seen in reality but can manage everything online.

Contributions Entrepreneurship has been successful. In a few years, doubling member numbers. In the past year, however, the wind turned, and several major e-sports associations have disappeared. In addition, the state has tightened up the rules which reduces War-hammer government grant with a few million. How do we meet the threat of reduced grants from central government?

By trying to find tax money elsewhere, where the taps are not yet tightened. "There's plenty of money in the municipal and regional level" claims Sverok.Some of War-hammer's new strategy is to use the right words when talking to donors, and such cold play queue peddle for cultural events as there are words that donors recognize.

Young people are also encouraged not to seek for some money - "a diversity initiative is two trips and pressing a brochure, there is a person who can work with it at half-time for a year."

For example, in Dalarna has Sverok been so successful in applying for a grant to "face the pleasant dilemma of how to spend the money. '"

So it is in this union that many of Assange Swedish opponents have gotten to know each other, fixed contributions for themselves and learned to paraphrase guarantee success.


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