November 18, 2012

Re Anakata hacking: Swedish Intelligence Contractor

Telia denies Logica outsourcing breached data protection law

Telia has denied claims made by Swedish television channel TV4's news service that it has broken the law on data protection by outsourcing work to Logica.

TV4 said Telia had outsourced the handling of classified data traffic and telephone calls, among others from security service Sapo and the Swedish government, to Logica. TV4 said Telia had made it easier for individuals and groups who might want to attack Swedish politicians.

TV4 reported that it had seen an internal Telia document with the English heading 'Incorrect handling of national security information'. The internal document said several senior managers risked gaol sentences because of the alleged breach.

Telia said in a statement that the internal document had been taken out of context. It said the information had been analysed and management had been informed at once to enable them to make an overall assessment and to ensure there had been no breach of the security agreement.

Telia said the document in question had been written by a staff member who had not been entirely au fait with the matter. Telia said customer data classified as protected remains with Telia. The work itself had been outsourced to Logica, but not the information.

Thursday 4 October 2012 | 15:15

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