November 19, 2012

Swedish Pirate Party not interested in 'Human Rights'

[...]Can attack JA indirectly have been a way to access the Pirate Party? I remember that Falkvinge in this thread told me how happy he was to have tied to WikiLeaks Pirate Party.
I have not followed the discussion from the beginning, so I do not know how much this idea has been up before. In any case, it shows that E may have had personal motives to frame him for his cooperation with the Pirate Party. Maybe she had "high hopes" to make a living as an artist.

And what do the Bonnier Group for JAs collaboration with the Pirate Party?
Now, the Pirate Party has revealed itself to be not a party that cares about human rights and freedoms, so I guess JA and Wikileaks is not so impressed by the Pp any longer. This win Pp more respect from the rest partioligarkiet.

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