November 22, 2012

New Year in Quito or place of choice

Some more dates in Manning case that directly have a bearing on the situation of JA

"Manning... February 4, 2013, start of his court martial at Fort Meade, Maryland."

But even earlier:
"So while the proceedings are now taking place quickly, for most of the last two and a half years, Manning has languished in prison awaiting his day in court. This has gone on for so long that the defense will be able to make a compelling argument for dismissing all charges, at the December 10-14 hearing at Fort Meade, based on the government’s violation of Manning’s right to a speedy trial under RCM 707 and UCMJ “Article 10”."

But even a little earlier, this:
"Bradley Manning’s defense team is scheduled to argue another motion to dismiss all charges November 27th through December 2nd. This motion delves into great detail on how Pentagon-level Lieutenant General George Flynn secretly ordered extreme and unlawful confinement conditions for Manning at Quantico, Virginia. These conditions were so severe that United Nations Chief Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez condemned them as “cruel, inhuman and degrading” in his official report."


Now, after the presidential election, there is a political opening to the charges against Manning are dropped.
If it is for formal reasons as above, it's likely that any prosecution in the U.S. against JA also falling to pieces. By officially formal reasons, but in practice politically driven.
And hence also vanishes our AKM official position to want to get JA to Sweden.
Of course, here too politically driven but officially decided on procedural grounds.

It may be close.

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