November 22, 2012

CIA used the file-sharing bust in Sept 2010 to assert IPs between Manning's aunt and WikiLeaks

In certain chronological order:
Since very little new added to the last few days I thought I'd take the opportunity to spread a rumor to see if anyone here knows more.

It is said that AA should have met a journalist during Thursday evening and that she did not come home until the next day (when the police visit occurred.) The initial contact should have been made at the press conference, and they should have had time to get together again before Thursday. The journalist is probably Swedish.

Sorry, can not point to any source, but is very interested in knowing more about this.
AA met a journalist at WL seminar
A famous / notorious journalist named ago in thread
Originally Posted by TKid
Though worse than that, I think - like throwing a "corrupt" members of their own flock to predators.
Ok, he has incurred the injury by his own klanteri too - totally innocent victim, he is not although I do not think he committed a crime, but we'll see what justice concludes. Still, with such "friends" as Bridget and that Swedish blogger (they are certainly a bunch of conspiring) need no enemies ...

Well, have had some time off since a trigger happy mods subjected me to Flashback History worst miscarriage of justice. Oh well.

Have a few comments on the development and that is to Birgitta Jonsdottir mirrors what happens to people in crisis - you've probably heard countless people say things like "now I know who are my real friends." It is this phenomenon that is seen here. A normal behavior of people in other words. Especially men suspected of sex crimes will experience this and be sure that the "friends" returns when investigations are dropped. Sex crime allegations is a super effective weapon. Any indictment or conviction is not required. Birgitta Jonsdottir has not read any police questioning, but she refers to it as published in the old media. She has also lived in Sweden and she is obviously about as good as Anna Ardin as regards the climate debate here - they are talking the same language.

Then there is the storm warning issued for old media. After the initial confusion with the crime of having taken his usual position - stand on the "victims" side - and they have no choice. If old media slopes back to a neutral position in this business, they must reconsider their positions in all other similar cases. The only rag that has a little confusing is that Aftonbladet announces Julian Assange but my inside gossip shows that Expressen decided to reduce Assange. How the tone of the editorial board and the people who contacted the Express can tell you that they only listen to things going against him.

It also turned out the other day when the old "Sapo Agent" Leif Brännström made a comeback as a reporter. Leif Brännström has long been known as SAPO's most useful idiot of old media. The Swedish security police have been leaked to him since the 80s - not to him personally at first, but it became over time he Expressen that handled SAPO selected information dumps. Leif Brännström is also known to pay large sums of cash to tipsters.

If it is SAPO behind this leak with Assange police interviews I leave unsaid, but the article was produced in the week was in any case an attack on Julian Assange. Mats Gehlin have understood nothing against this, and the policemen who were run over by Eva Finné is obviously caught on.

In the case study, it is normal that nothing happens for long periods. People may be suspected in a year if needed without making anything of importance in the investigations. What I heard about the suspicions that a number of problems with all three people involved. We Bridget Jonsdottirs description of Julian Assange as socially incompetent. Add to this our own Anna Ardin who send texts on sexual harassment to courting males, which is one thing, but maybe it's tad worse to tell it in its final report on the work experience time and so are some other things that suggest an irreconcilable attitude to the environment. And not forgetting our own little favorite stalker that charts its object, insinuate themselves inside the underwear on him and finally buy breakfast for her rapist.

With this casting perhaps it is not surprising that we find ourselves in this situation. And it is also not unusual - I've always felt that when puckon collide, anything can happen.
Who writes that it proves a prophecy:

Therefore lingers Julian Assange-investigation

 Express can today reveal that the Prosecutor General Anders Perklev personally intervened in the Assange-investigation.

He wanted to ensure that there were sufficient resources.
The result was the opposite.

 Chief prosecutor Eva Finné started work as head of Assange-investigation on Saturday by leading it from his country.

Among other things, she made the decision to call the prosecutor Maria Häljebo Kjell Strand's decision to arrest Julian Assange in his absence should be lifted.

The first real working day, on Monday, had Finné a great goal in the Svea Court of Appeal and, therefore, could the investigator on domestic violence group did not get hold of her.
The investigator Mats Gehlin tried frantically to reach her that day.

In a note he wrote almost provided that he does not get hold of her.

Contact was resolved by the Head

Over Prosecutor Mats Åhlund confirmed to Expressen that he had on Saturday was contacted by his manager, Anders Perklev.

In Attorney-General was made when assessing the case to be lifted away from on-call prosecutor who was considered to be overloaded.

- I decided that Eva Finné would take over the case, said Mats Åhlund.
Lawyer Claes Borgström representing the two women who reported WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

- If it is true that the prosecutor was busy with another case in the Court of Appeal, it is serious. In all criminal cases, it is important that the investigation is handled expeditiously, he says.

He points out that it should have been questioning the women on Monday. But when the prosecutor was busy and the investigator had no directives.

By Mats Åhlund gave Finné very sensitive matter ended up police investigators in several awkward situations.

Was called by woman

The investigator writes, among other things in his notes on Tuesday, 24 August:
"She said I would not do anything in the matter until she has read in on the matter"

On Wednesday, call one of the women to him and asks what is happening. He then compelled to tell it like it is - he's still waiting for directives from the prosecutor.
 Things could have been completely different if the rulebook followed, according to one of Expressen's sources.
- The first prosecutor made a correct assessment when she asked Assange in his absence. It was also in a hurry to get out the arrest because he had no permanent address in Sweden and might leave the country.
Expressen have searched Eva Finné for comment but could not reach her.
By Leif Brännström & By Mike Ölander [Translation]
And then on the same day as the raid PRQ writes clearly well-placed center
 ". According to Computer Sweden and all things shall be over now moved to the Pirate Party servers at Bahnhof. Nevertheless, it is nothing PRQ know.

- They still have access to our servers, anyway. They have not terminated the contract and it may be good to have a backup, says Mikael Viborg on the PRQ. "
 They use words PRQ's servers as "mirror" of Banhof would go down (Banhof's main and PRQ is backup). Now I do not know if the mirror in Iceland works, but would give Uncle blue barging in with Banhof may be severe disruption to Wiki.

However, it is now only a matter of time before all the police raid against PRQ hung out, the last time it was out pictures of "visitors", now it may be that more vital info released ......

Edit: leaning towards uncle blue row are hunting for MediaWiki - you gave two IP addresses when you stomped on PRQ - then you just went from there. Someone FB: are dwelling on Södermalm and who has time to swing past the hill on Renstiernasgatan and check how many civilare that possibly have parked in the bus lane. The excuse that you were looking for IP addresses that were in service in 2009 is interesting, it would then check that PRQ lived up to the new laws for data storage .....
Quote "Edit: leaning towards uncle blue row are hunting for MediaWiki - you gave two IP addresses when they barged into PRQ - then went only from there. Someone FB: are holding to Southore and who has time to swing past the hill on Renstiernasgatan and check how many civilare that possibly have parked in the bus lane. excuse that you were looking for IP addresses that were in service in 2009 is interesting, it would then check that PRQ lived up to the new laws for data storage .. ... "

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