November 25, 2012

Ecuador given written warning from UK embassy Quito

  its a man who writes Foreign ministry, asks Carl Bildt how he gonna protect Swedish citizens on Sweden soil. If he gonna shake B a coward and do something to solve situation 4 Assange and WL.

Will he send staff 2 emb 2 hear Assange. That since anyone who funds wikileaks is enemy of USA now and he sent them money, is he a legit target then? After Bush started this global war on terror. He has also asked SÄPO Swedish sec police, will mossad kill him on Swedish soil now? Since he declares on his blog that Hamas fight is legit. According 2 terminology that would make him an Information soldier. And unfortunately WL exposed USA and why we cannot let the public know the truth no, no...?

LOOOOOOOOOL he says pretty much what I say, he writes it in a mail 2 them and that means they have 2 register and file it forever , mocks the crap outta them hahahaha. And he ends it with SÄPO= SKRÄPO would translate SÄPO = JUNK(o) lmao jeg dear ·

Message is in Swedish: the above is a quick translation by CarolAnkar
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 Another topic

On Swedish Government "Gmail"

:) check this translation please :
Question 1997/98: 159 by Birger Schlaug (Green) to the Minister of Defence for encrypting e-mail

SvD reveals in an article on Monday that U.S. authorities have access to the encryption system for Lotus Notes, the system that the Swedish parliament, the military headquarters, the National Tax and rows of large companies use for their e-mail.
The messages in the e-mail is encrypted so that no outsider should be able to read them, but parts of keys for encryption available from the U.S. government, allowing U.S. authorities to take note of the contents of the email.  

The authority that received the keys or the rules of extradition can not reply to Lotus. The company relies on the responsible U.S. authorities have full control over the keys and that they are not abused. For this there are no guarantees.
It is completely unacceptable that such personnel at defense headquarters should not be able to send e-mail without American authorities able to access the content.
My question to the Minister of Defence are as follows:
What action is the Government taking on the grounds that U.S. authorities have access to the contents of such Defence email?

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