November 22, 2012

Swedish intel working with US intel since 2010 to establish link Manning-WikiLeaks

The situation for Assange has nothing to do with sex accusations but depends entirely on the situation between the U.S., Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks.

U.S. is doing everything possible to find a link between Manning and JA. And before Manning faced a court martial in the U.S., YES not dare leave the embassy.
The timing of Manning's "trial" is February.

More on the link and proof mode is surprisingly well described here:

Note 9, switching to Swedish PRQ used as "evidence" by the prosecution to link the BM and JA
Yes the PRQ that police raided at including 7 Sep 2010.
When this had no connection to WL was said:

"Raid against PRQ had nothing to do with WikiLeaks to do. Police left the company premises since they had asked some questions about two IP numbers, says PRQ's CEO Mikael Viborg"

But is it true?

"Johnson testified that he also found SSH logs on Manning’s computer that showed an SFTP connection from a Verizon IP address, that resolved to Manning’s aunt’s house in the U.S., to an IP address associated with a Swedish ISP called PRQ that is known to have links to WikiLeaks."
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Here we have just one game on two IP numbers, it had been a question of "scene" had moved a bunch of IP in different countries, it was just Manning drove with two IP's, that is a pure smokescreen.
 I think duqu understood it correctly. The two IP numbers that the Swedish police asked PRQ where both an IP address of PRQ and an IP address for Manning's "aunt" who during a session was connected to the IP address of the PRQ. The fact that the Belgian police would have to do with anything I believe is misinformation.

Here we have a real clue as to suggest that the Swedish police cooperate with the U.S. to bust JA - not less aggravated rape but something Mannings related. And it was supposed to shed light on a lot of peculiarities - like why JA prompt is to Sweden what Nils Västberg had for function, why CPS 'Counter-Terrorism Division (by Paul Close) was connected etc..

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