October 8, 2012

Shit storm raining on Swedish Amnesty

I think that the discussion of Swedish Amnesty's stance derailed a bit. Sure, Swedish Amnesty suffering pressure and dirty tricks. It is excellent at it revealed. But the responsibility for the Swedish Amnesty does in his own name may well not be a provocateur as MF or any other outside organization?
The Swedish Amnesty's Board to be held accountable. First and foremost. The names of Amnesty mentioned in the thread, including its General Secretary Lise Berg, are all servants. They are supposed to do what the board wants. OK, I realize that among the approximately 40 officers in Swedish Amnesty may be intrigued constants of the board for a ride. Is that what has happened now? Help if so, to kick them out. The spotlight should be on Swedish Amnesty's board now. Where are you? What do you do?

I am not a member of Amnesty International, but if I were, I would put a fucking life inside the organization. Instead of going out and leave the battle lost. Are you still a member, Hablador? You have a sharp pencil. Why not write to the board and request that they explain 1) why it is wrong for Amnesty International to demand guarantees from the Swedish government and 2) according to which principle Swedish Amnesty opposes interrogation of Assange in London. Amnesty International Rescue would be to question openly discussed within the organization and the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting, with full transparency from members.

To my knowledge, no representative from the board yet commented officially on the matter.
It is strange. I'm guessing that the Board taken by surprise, and yet had any joint discussion on the issue. Chances are then that it runs, in whole or in part, at the next meeting. If members wish. "Bombard the headquarters," the old days.

You have, of course, absolutely right, and I have been in contact with Amnesty but stuck in their official spokesperson Madelaine Seidlitz, despite several letters refuses to answer questions, but asking me to come back on the phone. Madelaine Seidlitz referring to the official notification point.

Mildly, she is like a wall. It is my opinion that Amnesty does not want or wish to have a discussion about how the decision was taken. So a letter from the public weighs obviously easy on this issue.

Possibly a letter to HK London could boost the board, but currently hiding not only the message that went out, but the Board duck and hope that shit storm to pull over.


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