October 21, 2012

Do I care? The monkey is a monkey no matter how expensive you disguise it

Step in a circle of mendacity
and one becomes cemented.
It would be slippery to move away
and it is realistic.
Once freedom is achieved
the road is straight, wide and clear
The choices are there; to pick and toss.

It's amazing the crap I read to make sense of reality.  I read the good and part of the not so good, I am make my own mind.

I have been collecting information to keep WikiLeaks supporters informed and I find it that at times I need to shower more than three times as to wipe the stinky mud from journalists and supporters of greed.

As my closest say: "they believe their own shit and they really work hard to make you believe their filthy values".

I find it difficult to believe the Swedish Judicial system being fair and honest.  I find it incredulous and repulsive to see how the Swedish Elite behave towards humanity.

My own PM is looking after the welfare of internationals but our ethnics in need of support are left swinging on empty space, why? the need to stay above the power-line "no matter what".  And to achieve their goals their lack of honesty must shine in gold as to be able to sell it to their followers. They have lost my vote unless they pull the plug towards its real "true and honest" value, I patiently wait for the next elections.

It happens all around the world; Obama and Romney promising the dark moon, our Gillard and Abbott promising fairness and honesty.  And the reason for this blog just repeating the tourism echo: "The best country in EU where everybody is nice and friendly with a majestic super efficient judicial system" being Sweden.  In the past months I have seen the dark Swedish dungeons and the ambulant guards, it makes me sad to know they have not progressed from the Stone Age.  The monkey is a monkey no matter how expensive you disguise it.

I have a good group of people that provides "truthful and accurate raw" feedback any journal would love to grab but unfortunately the journos' hands are tied and their eyes blinded by fear and greed.

Julian Assange is FREE, and he will always BE FREE.  The ones who have placed him in his present corner are not free at all and I sincerely hope they review the purpose of their lives and careers, I wish them well after all as my belief is that successful people take responsibility for their actions.

Once in my younger days I wanted to learn programming, but I gave up.  Later on I was invited to learn it as to combat hacktivism, I gave up the idea again.  My idea of hacking was incorrect.  These days as I read Anonymous I find that Anonymous do not harm anybody, they are telling us to shape up but arrogance does not allow listening to the warnings,  instead it is more comfortable to insult them or imprison them.

The governments' secrecy and corruption are creating chaos online, destroying our world, destroying humanity.  Who is responsible?  It is Greed  and whoever enjoys the lazy way to ride smoothly on this life, no matter who they hurt, no matter what they destroy.

Corruption and Governments' secrecy are destroying our homes, not Anonymous or WikiLeaks or the honest journalist and politicians that expose wrong doing... Take responsibility for your own actions and you will see how we can get along and improve our living environment.

For every RIGHT DOER taking out of circulation, ten more become available.  There is no need of Right or Left if people would do their jobs properly. 

the World has woken up,
remove arrogance to
allow creativity towards
a better place on Earth

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