October 4, 2012

Easy to pack the Stockholm District Court in the EC emb. So all they need is Ny and or Gehlin on a plane

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Some facts extracted from the news feed:

1. A few days ago was commented in the thread news that a Swedish court would travel to Rwanda and keep the negotiations there. But there was also the news that while the court was in Rwanda would be the suspect to remain in Sweden and participate in the proceedings via video link. So it is a myth that the suspect - read Assange - necessarily have to be physically present at the main hearing in a Swedish court.

2. Following the decision in the last instance, the European Court, it became clear last week that a number of Muslim activists to be deported from the UK to the U.S.. A case this is:

Babar Ahmad, 38

First arrested in 2003, no charges have been filed against Ahmad by British prosecutors, but the US wants to extradite him for allegedly running a pro-Taliban website and receiving classified information about the US Navy Fifth Fleet and timings for its passage through the Persian Gulf. He recently told the BBC that his prosecution had been "outsourced" to the US because there was not enough evidence against him. In 2009, he was awarded £60,000 compensation for the violent manner of his arrest by counter-terrorism officers.


This shows, on the one hand, the UKs extradition treaty with the U.S. allowing extradition on flimsy grounds. But on the other hand it shows that the process legally is extremely tedious and time-consuming, it seems that it has taken nine years to come to a final decision in this case. This is speaking of the "killing" the argument that "Assange might as well be deported to the United States from England and from Sweden."

3. In Italy, unlike Sweden, CIA agents can not operate without fear of prosecution. An Italian court sentenced recently 23 American agents to harsh punishment. However, the Italian government must seek their extradition to Italy, and the reasons of foreign policy will almost certainly not going to do it. The writer says that the relationship is the same in the U.S.. It is the U.S. government decides to request any extradition to the U.S.. According to this, therefore, apart from Sweden and England USA also provide guarantees against extradition to Assange.


Stockholm District Court may actually place with his staff in the case of Ecuadorian Embassy in London .... Still just Gehlin and New to pack themselves off and get the job done questioning.

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