October 6, 2012

the wikiwashers of the press

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I have not been following this so closely, which is a wiki watch? They say they stand for critical review of
wikileaks, but if you look critically, we must not behave as if hell reads the Bible. And that is exactly what they do in their 'criticism' of rixstep:


"Possible trigger warnings for victims of abuse. Some quoted text may be upsetting."

What Rixstep doing is not much different from the criticism of # prataomdet and related extremely passive view of women as spineless vegetables that I - and many others - worked with here at Flasback. The words and expressions wiki watch would caution is just a mirror of prataomdet-tale world. But you do not bother to tell people. Not one speaks nor that when Rixstep reflects a view that "women who have sex with but are traitors" he does nothing but directly translates a much talked about statement by Professor Tiina Rosenberg.

With these dirty tricks converted rixsteps criticism of Swedish tokfeministers womanhood to a claim rixsteps womanhood!

This way of lifting statements out of context is such an old and trite, vulgar tricks that you might wonder what kind of people behind the business on wiki watch.

Wikileaks Watch is run by a group of volunteers who met online. Some of us have been supporters of Wikileaks in the past, in varying ways: from nodding approval to practical support. Others have been critics.

We all now share a concern about the behaviour of Wikileaks, as it continues to give inaccurate information about Swedish law, legal processes, international police processes and other areas related to the Assange extradition case. We believe this is harming the rights of victims of sexual assault not only in Sweden, but also elsewhere.

Sounds like a copy of Amnesty Sweden's statement on 28 September. While stone and fire bombsthrowers from afa sell pictures of anonymous supporters to the highest bidder. Is it also on behalf of the Feminist Perspective. A whore in landmarkbaahn have better morals

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