October 4, 2012

Swedish police IT 'expert' may be a 'klumpeduns' but he is not a typical

Flashback by:hejhejpoalla

Ursprungligen postat av HimlensHemlighet
Policeman Anders Ahlqvist statements are scary. He is not aware of something, what he says is just a fantasy. Yet he belongs to the police elite, a person with responsibility for criminal investigations and designation of different people more or less serious offenses.

With his lack of intelligence, and his colleagues, that basis would anyone of us could be singled out for the crime of what we write in the thread. Flashback itself, or under the carpet, could go the way of TPB and PRQ if they want to silence the last free votes in the Assange case.

Ursprungligen postat av O.s.a.
It is simply to send an email to the police and ask them to explain on what basis the infamous statement rests? One can also point out that questioning objectivity in the Authority's statement and ask if the statement is considered as slander, and authority in this case, to investigate this?

It is also possible that individuals who report similar to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Anyone can do this.


Here some info:
JO-notification - questions and answers

Vem kan klaga?

anybody can complain to the Ombudsman, one need not be a Swedish citizen or even live in Sweden

one need not be a certain age to complain
there to complain about do not touch a self-

What can I complain about?

governmental authorities (including courts)

municipal and county authorities
officials at the state, municipal and county authorities
others who are entrusted with public authority (authority means an agency's exercise of the right to determine whether a benefit right, accountability, disciplinary punishment or any other comparable ratio) 

Original flashback:  https://www.flashback.org/sp39653933

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