October 14, 2012

Assange to file a counter complaint

Do I fit in another thread than this. Here we need to focus to that which is relevant to the case against Assange.

Feminist Perspectives is via Research Group attack on Amnesty undoubtedly an active part in the massive criticism from extreme feminist direction. Now, I personally believe that FP is not the long term is a major problem, but that because of their sectarian stance is on the road to self-destruction. Can I put a foot in the ass on them on the way and I'll do it gladly, but is at the same time that this is not the focus. There are bigger and more important issues to put the spotlight on.

A re-examination of Mä which could be remedied with a counter-notification from JA. It would be a godsend that the police are forced to work for YES. It would also give JA opportunities that Mä give their views on the matter, viket in reality is a testimony even in the second criminal case. You can certainly hear that YES Mä via the link, it worked out great to hear the AA by phone. It would also put pressure on the MN and JA can then refer to his evidence, probably quite quickly would spread publicly. JA make a counter-notification!

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