October 24, 2012

How Sweds examine violence against women ??

Now we examine violence against women

Violence Against Women Week crime, in collaboration with SVT sounding closer look at how the police and the justice system handles violence against women. Therefore we ask now for help from you women who have experienced abuse by a partner and have registered and / or leaving the relationship.

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We want you to share with you the experiences on how to be treated and treated by the police, prosecutors and the legal system in general. Have you had the support and help you need during the process? What could have been done better and what do you think needs to change to enable more women to report?
Last year over 12,400 complaints where women abused by someone they have been in a close relationship with. Together with almost 2500 cases of gross violations of women means that about 15 000 complaints where women are abused by their partners. While we know that many women never report. National Council estimates that only a third of cases actually reported.
In the spring of 2012 helped the public the Week crime and SVT sounding examining Million crimes-the so-called everyday crime. In tonight's episode of the Week crime begins an examination of the judicial handling of violence against women and in connection with it, we ask now on public assistance again.
We address only to women who have already left the relationship as it was beaten in, to the extent possible to avoid any exposure to potential hazards through participation. We do not want women who are living with protected identities involved, for the same reason.
Even if you are a relative of someone who has been affected, or you who have left a relationship but not registered, you can share your experiences. We also welcome experience from the inside of the right system, you're the police, prosecutors or otherwise dealing with this type of event are also welcome to participate.
Here is the web form:
Thanks for your help!

If violence against women

In 2011 were 12,471 reports of abuse against the woman indoors in close relationship.
Assault in close relationship is when the victim and offender are or have been married or cohabiting in marriage-like relationship, or have children together without living together.
In 2011 was made in 2471 reports of gross violations of women.
Coarse woman is about a man exposing a woman, whom he has or had a close relationship with, for repeated violations. The violations referred to include assaults, harassment, trespassing and sexual coercion.
Crime Prevention Council estimates using national trygghetsundersökningenr that only a third of the cases reported.


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