October 18, 2012

The true face of Sweden revealed

What have we become? The once proud nation that claimed it stood for social welfare for all, equality, innovation, hard workers, justice and human rights. Now the mask has fallen and behind it the real face of our shamed nation gets revealed. A country that has given political correctness a face. That harass and smear journalists for telling the truth, spends millions on chasing them with staged and bogus accusations of rape, imprisons innocent people without trial, creates laws that discriminate people by gender, systematically steals children away from their fathers with absurd and bias laws and protects murderers and war criminals from facing justice. How can anyone feel proud to be a Swede anymore?
Sweden behind the mask
We all know the story about the absurd Swedish goose chase on Julian Assange. We have all seen the spokesperson for the Swedish prosecutors office make a total ass of herself on international TV.

Some of us tries to resist, resulting in Swedish newspapers filling up with horrifying sob stories about the poor feminists that are being silenced by patriarktic males that hate women. This "hatred" is however mostly just ordinary Swedish people of both sexes trying to protest against the lies and hypocrisy. Most of them anonymously of course. To protest openly against feminism or gender researchers brainwashing our kids in Sweden, you need to either have balls of steel, love pain or be a total idiot. (I am not really sure which category I fall under, most likely the last one). However when Swedish journalists and even members of the Swedish government calls an Australian journalist, that has not been charged with any crime or wrongdoings what so ever, all sorts of things in public, no one seems to think that it is hateful. This kind of double standard is now as much a part of Swedish culture as meatballs, IKEA and smorgasbord.

And they call us hateful?

Here are a few examples of the things Julian Assange have been called by members of the Swedish government and members of the press.

Scumbag, coward, retard, Australian pig, white haired crackpot, pitiful wretch, asshole, repugnant swine,  querulant, megalomaniac, disgusting creep, paranoid retard, chauvinist pig.

Names given to him by the same journalists and politicians that wants us "ordinary" citizens to "take a stand against hatred and bullying on the internet"  Mind you that these people all point out that they support WikiLeaks and that they oppose an extradition of Assange to the US. It is not Julian Assange's exposure of US war crimes that have twisted their underwear. None of them think that he should have to stand trial for leaking US secrets. No no no, it is the smear suspicion that he might have offended two women's honor while visiting Sweden that infuriates them.

At the same time none of these so called reporters have any interest in investigating the facts of the case. Apparently none of them think that this is part of their job description. All the facts and the dirty truths are being dug up by either foreign reporters or the Swedish unpaid investigators on Flashback. The uncensored web-forum that the Swedish politically correct elite hate more than anything since they can´t control it. Most of what we know about the facts surrounding the Swedish hunt for Assange we know thanks to the relentless detectives in the thread about Assange on Flashback. A thread that is now 4067 pages long. The established media however is censoring the truth. When they write about Assange it is only to smear and taunt him.

The story about Sweden's only serial killer

In Sweden the news about Thomas Quick have recently been a matter of discussion. Thomas Quick is known as the only serial killer in Swedish history. Trialed and convicted for eight murders he has spent his whole life behind  bars in a Swedish locked psychiatric ward. When the late Hannes Råstam, one of Sweden's few real journalists, as his last task in this world exposed the fraud and corruption surrounding the case in his book "The Thomas Quick case -how to create a serial killer" the shit hit the fan. It describes how the former state prosecutor Christer van der Kwast conspired with the police interrogator Seppo Pentinen, Quicks psycologist Birgitta Stååhle, Psychology Professor Sven Åke Christiansson and Thomas Quick's defence attorney Claes Borgström, to get an innocent man convicted of eight murders. But what happened when the truth was revealed? Was there a public and media outcry? Did the conspirators get charged and convicted for any of their crimes?

Of course not, this is Sweden, here you are more or less untouchable if you work for "the good guys". Instead the intellectual Swedish brain trust started to debate if this really was a judicial scandal or not?! All backed up by a supreme court judge who went public to defend the police and prosecutor all the while this little club eagerly e-mailed each other discussing the best strategy for fooling the public into believing they were right about the poor schmuck they sent away for life. Staged evidence, a suspect that was drugged out of his mind and helped to "remember" by the police and experts on suppressed memories of sexual abuse. Freeing evidence that was hidden or destroyed and a defence attorney that did absolutely nothing to defend his client. But they were right. Sometimes life in Sweden tend to get totally surreal. This was one of these occasions.

Thomas Quick's lawyer by the way, happens to be the same guy that represent the Swedish women against Julian Assange, Claes Borgström. A man that just a few years ago was on the verge of becoming minister of justice in Sweden. He has taken on this assignment with a totally different eagerness than he showed as Quick's defence attorney. possible because one of the wronged women is a member of the same party as he is, but more likely just merely due to the simple fact that she is...well, a woman and Julian is a man. In Sweden women supersedes men in the eye of the law. In no less than 10 different paragraphs, the Swedish law actively discriminate against males. Thus making us worth less as humans in the eyes of our own government. I will elaborate on that in a coming article.

The prosecutor in the Quick case, Christer Van der Kwast was after his Quick triumph made the head of the Swedish task force against corruption. He held that office between 2003 and 2009. After that he retired comfortably. During those six years he did not manage to convict a single soul. (0). No wonder Sweden is considered to be the least corrupt country in the world huh? In fact, the only conviction he managed to get during his whole career was the eight against Thomas Quick. An innocent man.

In Sweden we don´t punish the "good guys"

Another department of the Swedish prosecutors office is the internal affairs. Or as it is called in Sweden "Unit for police-crimes". The prosecutor heading that department, Björn Ericsson, has a better record than Kwast, but not by much. Out of 8000 charges made against Swedish policemen, none have been charged, however four (4) have been fired. If I am correct (I stink at math) this equals a 0,05 percent "conviction" rate. I do not know at this point, but a qualified guess is that those four poor bastards that actually lost their jobs were accused of some sort of crime against a woman. We tend to take those kind of crimes very serious here. Two years ago however a policeman shot himself in the head in the police station in Borås, he was about to get arrested by his colleagues for some sort of domestic abuse that was filed during a custody battle. So I guess you have to add that poor bastard to the statistics as well. That makes four fired and one dead.

Thomas Quick has now, thanks to reporter Hannes Råstam, been freed in five of the eight cases of murder he was convicted of and his new lawyer Thomas Olsson (that actually does what he gets paid for) is now working to get him acquitted of the last three as well.

They locked an innocent man up for more than thirty years and let eight real killers get away with murder. No one in this strange country however, is questioning that none of these corrupt assholes are being charged or even reprimanded for this. If a doctor hadn´t finally stopped the supply of the heavy drugs that Thomas Quick received in ridiculous high doses, he would probably still be confessing to murders today. They probably would have slammed the murder of prime minister Palme on him as well, had they been given some more time. But when they stopped the drugs, Quick stopped confessing and went into a seven year long silence. That was when Hannes Råstam got in contact with him. Quick has now taken his birth name Sture Bergvall back and writes about all this in his own blog from the ward where he is still locked up. Today he is an old man who longs to get free so he can reunite with his beloved family outside the walls. The irony is that when he was Thomas Quick and falsely confessed to everything they threw at him, he was treated like a king in Säter hospital where he is being held. He even got unsupervised leaves outside the hospital. But now when he is telling the truth he gets punished by getting all his privileges revoked, books removed etc.

In Sweden honesty does not always get rewarded the same way that lies do.

The European arrest warrant not valid on mass murderers hiding in Sweden

Sweden has issued an (E)uropean (A)rrest (W)arrant for Julian Assange. Not because he is charged with a crime, but because the Swedish feminist activist and prosecutor Marianne Ny wants him for questioning regarding accusations of rape of two Swedish women. Accusations that have been exposed as very dodgy at best. For this she (Maryanne Ny) has made his life a living hell for two years, and continue to do so. When asked why she just doesn´t question Julian Assange in London and get done with it she replied that it was not allowed according to Swedish law. That of course is a blatant lie. But obviously you are allowed to lie through your teeth to the public if you are a Swedish prosecutor. Perhaps, one of the perks of the job? I guess they are so used to it that they just forget that they have the world's eyes and ears pointed at them this time. According to Swedish and British authorities, Britain is obliged to extradite Mr Assange due to this EAW.

But are they really?

One of the esteemed inhabitants of Sweden is Stefan Michnik. Michnik was a Stalinist judge in postwar Poland, implicated in the arrest, internment and execution of Polish anti-Nazi and anti-Communist resistance fighters. This man has several lives of brave freedom fighters on his conscience including:
  • Major Zefiryn Machalla - death sentence, the jury took a joint decision not to admit the defenders to the process, his family was not informed about the execution,
  • Colonel Maksymilian Chojecki - death sentence, not executed,
  • Major Andrzej Rudolf Czaykowski - death sentence, Michnik participated personally in his execution,
  • Major Jerzy Lewandowski - death sentence, not executed,
  • Colonel Stanisław Wecki - lecturer at the Academy of the General Staff, sentenced to 13 years in prison, died after long tortures,
  • Major Zenon Tarasiewicz,
  • Colonel Romuald Sidorski - editor in Chief of the Quartermaster Review, sentenced to 12 years in prison, died because of lack of medical assistance,
  • Lieutenant Colonel Aleksander Kowalski,
  • Major Karol Sęk - artilleryman from Radom, officer of the National Armed Forces, death sentence, executed in 1952.
Michnik tried to flee to the US during the political crisis in Poland in 1968 but was denied a visa. Sweden however, welcomed this communist butcher and gave him protection from his former countrymen and women. Thus denying the family of his victims to see him answer for his crimes. Michnik is still alive and well today. Living comfortably in Storvreta outside the city of Uppsala as a retired librarian.

Since August 2007 the Polish Institute of National Remembrance deliberated on motion for a request of his extradition. On 25 February 2010 Military Garrison Court in Warsaw at the request of the investigation division of the IPN issued an official arrest warrant for Stefan Michnik. In October 2010 Polish prosecutors issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) on the same basis. On 18 November 2010 the court in Uppsala refused to extradite Stefan Michnik back to Poland explaining that his criminal acts committed in Poland fall under the statute of limitations in Sweden.

This is a prime example of what Swedish justice have become. If you are a mass murderer you are protected, at least as long as you have been murdering and torturing people for the right regime. But if a woman make accusations against you of rape and presents faked evidence without your DNA on it, the Swedish prosecutor will hunt you to the end of the world and spend millions upon millions of Swedish taxpayers' money to seek justice and retribution.

Would you trust Swedish justice?

A courageous journalist have exposed the ugly truth about the wars that our leaders have sold us through lies in their corrupt media. Now he have to seek asylum in a South American country to avoid being extradited to Sweden that, if extradited will lock him up without trial for a long time and probably hand him over to the US regime. A regime that has threatened to kill him for exposing the truth to the people.

Swedish members of the government calls this man a criminal in public. Prominent members of the Swedish free press and intellectual elite, who´s task it is to see to, that Julian Assange receives a fair trial if extradited, have made it perfectly clear that they consider the man to be a:

Scumbag, coward, retard, Australian pig, white haired crackpot, pitiful wretch, asshole, repugnant swine, paranoid querulant, megalomaniac, disgusting creep, paranoid retard, paranoid chauvinist pig.

How would you rank your odds if it was you who faced being extradited, charged and dragged to court for crimes against feminism in Sweden? If you were already convicted by both the media and the government before you were even charged with any crime? Would you trust our unique and often strange legal system? Would you trust the media to expose any corruption of the legal process?

If you answer yes to these questions, well congratulations and welcome to Sweden. You will probably fit right in here in our equal, democratic and feminist utopia. You might even stand a chance to get your opinions printed in one of our newspapers.

We who would answer no however, are very worried about the state of our dear old monarchy. One that we once believed in, defended, and felt proud of, but that we don´t feel especially appreciated or even welcomed in anymore.

Would you if you were branded as a hateful male chauvinist pig just for stating the obvious? That Sweden no longer stands for any of those values that we once believed we did.

Back in the day when the mask was still on and thus hid the monster behind it.

Sourced: Daddy's Sverige

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