October 23, 2012

The Old Swedish Pirate Party now is the New Worms Party

I have followed the thread a few weeks and I must say that it really is clear that the majority's main motive is to shed light on how things have gone to.

Congratulations on a fantastic job.

However, I have tonight been shocked pirate party's conduct. I have long been a proud supporter of PP but it took quite end with the posts of PP representatives I've seen here.

I work as a teacher at a high school and have gone around with PP-shirts occasionally. This is an incredible disappointment.

For me it feels like the PP's statements as if Salman Rushdie was charged with PARKING OFFENSE in Iran in 1988 when Ayatollah Khomeini's death sentence and in connection with a discussion of whether it would be appropriate to deport Rushdie to Iran to be held accountable for their PARKING OFFENSE would lead Liberals certainly have heard rumors that Salman Rushdie was not particularly good at parking cars.

One would think that the representative of a party that stood on the barricades for the small individual against the system would focus on the deeply terrifying threat from the world's most powerful nation against a single individual for lifelong imprisonment and torture rather than gossip about the disposition to commit a crime that he was not even charged with, and as chief prosecutor not even thought could be counted as a crime.

This is so unbelievably outrageous. This must be spread on Facebook and no one at my job will definitely ever hear a good word from me about Pirate Party again.

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