October 2, 2012

Assuming Swedish Amnesty is searching for the truth

Flashback by:  Out of the Blue

One can hope that the difference in the Amnesty International and regime loyalists Swedish Amnesty's stance on Assange-issue simply because the judgment on the Amnesty International has bothered to familiarize themselves with the case more carefully.

The (n) as formulated Swedish Amnesty's official stance should be challenged to READ THROUGH THOROUGHLY detention memorandum a few times, as well as other relevant material, and then make a new statement.

Not that the content of the detention memorandum itself has to do with the risks of a further extradition, or lending, but want to know what to pronounce itself should be enough anyway to have familiarized themselves thoroughly in all aspects of the case. It can take days to read up, but who in Swedish Amnesty have time to do it?

I guess the Swedish Amnesty's current statement is routinely hoptotat from the superficial and biased image they had to life through the Swedish mainstream media. And maybe they feel satisfied with. When they speak not with any kind of authority.

Original Flashback:  https://www.flashback.org/sp39618932

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