October 24, 2012

"Give half thinkers major concern"

Göran Lambertz, justitieråd i Högsta domstolen och före detta justitiekansler.
Göran Lambertz, justices of the Supreme Court and former attorney general.
Photo: Scanpix

Supreme Court Justice Göran Lambertz has during the time he wrote his opinion articles peppats and received help from lawyer Claes Borgström, prosecutor Christer van der Kwast, policeman Seppo Penttinen, journalist Amateur-Jan Stigson and coroner Anders Eriksson. On SvD.se you can now read the entire e-mail conversation between Göran Lambertz and the people who were involved in the Quick Investigations in the 90s.
Svenska Dagbladet has requested and received the Lambertz email communications in August - when the work begins and debate articles written. Supreme Court Justice choose to obtain information from Quick investigators, lawyer Borgström and journalist Stigson. Even the coroner who participated in the Quick Investigations - Anders Eriksson - were consulted.
The most intensive email contact has Göran Lambertz had with van der Kwast and Penttinen. In e-mails to them, he asks them to fill in the data and ask for advice regarding the wording of the debate articles. He also helps van der Kwast the pressure off of him to write an offensive opinion piece where he goes in polemics with the Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask.
To write Christer van der Kwast in an email to Lambertz August 22: "Personally, I'm thinking right now to write a lot about dealing with rising cases, with concrete examples of the prosecutors overlooked, coupled with the Court of Appeal raising reasons. Critics leans the more that the (formal) acquitting judgments show that they are right. Facility could be a polemic against Ash and others who assumed the same. "
Lambertz advises in its response to van der Kwast from that target the Minister of Justice: "I think it soundsabsolutely fine as you say, but give you absolutely not the Minister of Justice. We will lose. Walk past her with silence instead, eventually she'll start saying things wiser, I promise. She becomes constricted it can be hard to get her to retreat / ... / The worst thing you can do is to give the people a little nasty way. Coolest always wins.
Lambertz praises the contributions to the debate that Christer van der Kwast do in another e-mail on August 22: "I read your article in Newsmill only now Chris. Extraordinarily good! Your calm factual inviolate tons will give half thinkers major concern ".
van der Kwast praises in turn Lambertz in an email on August 20: "A very good morning. Excellent clarifying article. Really hope that this publication. Today's op-ed in DN ought to pave the way "
Lambertz also reports in an email exchange how he intended to answer questions from journalists. A contrived question is "Can you imagine to set up a radio or tvdebatt with Thomas Olsson (Sture Bergvall current lawyer, Editor's note)?" To imagine Lambertz that the answer should look like, "He can details in material in a completely different way than I do, so I do not want to do. Try to get with Christer van der Kwast and Seppo Penttinen in such a debate instead. However, I am happy to debate with, for example, Leif GW Persson, Jan Guillou, Sven-Erik Alhem or anyone else who have not familiarized themselves with all the details on a professional basis. "
Svenska Dagbladet has asked Justice Minister Beatrice Ask comment email conversation involving her. Ask's press secretary Jeanette Mattson greet that Ash is in Vienna and can not comment on something today or tomorrow.

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