October 24, 2012

Swedish Borgström is feeling harrassed

The lawyer Claes Borgström participated in the e-mail conversation with Supreme Court Justice Göran Lambertz discussed strategies for debate in the so-called Quick-matter.
For he will now be considered by the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee, writes svd.se.

 - I feel harassed, says Borgström to Expressen.se.

Application has been made as a result of Expressen revealed the email conversation, which Borgström including wrote "Leif was sober?" after a television appearance by Leif GW Persson. In September, the Bar Association General Secretary Anne Ramberg to find out why Borgström during the legal defended Thomas Quick, now Sture Bergwall, participated in an email conversation with Supreme Court Justice Göran Lambertz and the earlier Quick Investigators Christer van der Kwast and Seppo Penttinen.

- I got sent home 90 pages, 234 e-mails that the Bar Association has asked me to comment on. In eleven of the e-mails were I as transmitters or receivers. I replied with some comments in some places, but not on every e-mail, says Claes Borgström.

"I feel harassed"

After that the issue raised in the Bar Association has now decided to try the case in the Disciplinary Committee, meaning that the Board considers whether Claes Borgström may have breached professional conduct.

- I feel harassed by the Bar Association. I feel so to the Bar Association distrusts me after all these years. I've sat in the Disciplinary Committee for 8 years myself, said Borgström Expressen and continued:

- I am disappointed with the Bar Association. I think this is sad.

Keeping rapporteur

It can happen Claes Borgström now that the Board determines that he violated professional conduct. In such cases, he may receive a warning. In rare cases it can lead to exclusion from the lawyer community. The Board may also come to the conclusion that it is enough to make a statement.

- I have spoken to the President of the Bar Claes Zettermarck and said that I want to get and keep a rapporteur for the community. But they have not returned to me, says Borgström.

original: exPRESSEN

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