October 4, 2012

Anakata extradited because Swedish telco broke security rules and leaked info, now they want someone to blame?

Flashback by: trenterx

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It starts to become clear about Logiqa,

TeliaSonera has outsorcat a number of key national security functions. Including military, police and government security sensitive classified information. Senior managers at TeliaSonera risk jail because of that they have complied with the agreement and secure the safety-tested communication, although Telia in its contract with the government guaranteed that it would occur.SAPO refuses to comment.

This could explain why GSW suddenly became so interesting. Logiqa has apparently leaked like a sieve and a lot of sensitive information may be adrift. Now it starts to get really interesting, Police, Military and Government stands with his pants down and the risk that the wrong data is in operation is obvious.

It was also apparent that TeliaSonera worked with Belarusian security services to monitor Belarusian citizens. TeliaSonera has also invited the Belarusian regime to sit on the board of the company to run in Belarus. And in Uzbekistan, TeliaSonera is suspected of corruption, a criminal investigation has been initiated by the Swedish police.

One of those companies outsource thus handling of sensitive military information to Logica without following the laws and rules of safe handling. Seems like a rotten skein. What are the charges you cooking up against GSW really?

What we should consider whether there is any connection to WikiLeaks / Assange in this. Appears TeliaSonera or Logica example of Global Intelligence files?

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