October 2, 2012

Internet attacks on Swedish blamed on Assange, who and why?

Ursprungligen postat av Wal1berg
Saw a police statement on the news of the connection to Assange, the police never usually give a few comments about the suspects. Here is a Swedish police without any evidence or indeed anything that can be connected to JA and misstänkligjör him for this. I have never believed in ngn conspiracy against YES but now it seems like the obvious.

Think Borgström, the police, the prosecutor and the judge, ring any bells? Thinking himself on Thomas Quick / Bergvall. Now it is clear to me anyway why JA did not dare to come here!

I happen to know a little about the angle from which this attack has been carried out, and from that knowledge, I can not see any connection to Assange. Would be very interesting to hear the basis for these alleged suspicions then.


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