October 4, 2012

Anonymous training Swedish in "hacking and rough hacking"

Sites were knocked out in the new attack of "Anonymous"

Here is where the movie "Anonymous" threatens
to strike Sweden with cyber-attacks.
The network "Anonymous" has struck against two Swedish Authorities: riksbanken.se and regeringen.se.

"Today (October 3, 2012) at 21:00 GMT we DDoS riksbank.se" writes "Anonymous" on the forum 4chan.

- But there is no sensitive information might leak because of this kind of attack, says Fredrik Andersson, press secretary at the central bank.

At 22 o'clock went Riksbank's website down.

- We have suffered a denial of service attack, said press secretary Fredrik Andersson told TT half an hour later.

Payment systems between the Riksbank and the banks are not interested. IT staff worked on the problem late at night. There was then no forecast for when the website can function again.

Earlier in the evening, said Fredrik Andersson for Expressen.se that he did not believe that overloading the attack would hit the Riksbank's website particularly hard:

- We have a constant readiness to cope with these things, and to meet other technical problems that may occur on our website.

Did you receive any threats via email, mail or otherwise, that are directly addressed to you?

- No, we have not received.
We have been following the events via the media.

The attacks began on Monday, when several banks, government agencies and News Agency (TT) was hit by denial of service attacks. Incursions continued on Tuesday, when the National Board website on Tuesday evening. According Nyheter24.se exposed site where an attack that resulted in the "Anonymous" made the following messages:

"We are Anonymous. Legion.We We are do not forgive. We do not forget.Expect us. Swedish Fuck."

Two sites down

After an hour long and intense attack by the Courts Service website Domstol.se external website gradually began to work again at 12 o'clock on Wednesday morning.

Now the network has "Anonymous", the Internet community 4chan, announced that the central bank is one of the authorities who are next in line.

"The true pirate soul Shall never be defeated. This is the day Anonymous Protests. Today we hit Their wallets hard," the man in an image file posted on the forum.

While government and parliament websites were disturbances during the evening. For parliamentary part, it was about a planned downtime, stated it in Parliament PSAP. At 23-times did regeringen.se apparently normal.

"Some resist"

Anders Ahlqvist, cybercrime specialist at the National Police, said the police now compiles what is going on around the country.

- It is very different from how far the authorities have come in to protect against these types of attacks. Some resist and withstand an attack, while others are much more easily accessible, he says, and explains that he noticed a big difference in how IT security has been greatly improved in many sites:

- The sites that could be down for a whole day earlier in similar attacks is now up after just 20 minutes.

According to Anders Ahlqvist classified crimes such as hacking, and can at most lead to imprisonment of up to two years.

- But we would of course like to see a broader scale of punishment, such as "hacking" and "rough hacking," said Anders Ahlqvist.
Translated: http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/sajter-slogs-ut-i-ny-attack-av-anonymous/ 

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