October 18, 2012

Anonymous is more silly than menacing said Swedish Anna Troberg

Her rant was google translated to make sense.

Piratpartiet: Parts of the network makes us activists to grasp ashamed pillow

All families are half crazy relative that no one really knows what to do with. Sometimes hen perfectly normal and reasonable, sometimes beats it backfired and regular family dinners turned quickly into something that would make Lars Norén green with envy. For us netizens called this relative Anonymous and suffers from troublesome split personality.

Pirate Party and other netizens have some conceptual similarities with Anonymous more sober personalities. We believe in basic things like freedom of expression, transparency and an open Internet. Unfortunately, Anonymous completely different, more shadowy personalities, who are increasingly making themselves felt and makes us second to immediately grasp ashamed pillow.

Recently, Swedish authorities and company websites subjected to denial of service attacks. Everything from the Armed Forces and Security Service to SEB and Swedbank have been affected. On Tuesday circulated a movie where Anonymous in the usual manner took the blame for the attacks. The anger seems to stem from a general hatred against Sweden, which frequently fired on by an increasingly whining sick Julian Assange. The bottoms also in outrage over the police raid of the week was against PRQ hosting where file sharing site Tankafetast housed. Last in line to get a taste of the wrath of Anonymous's Welfare. Their site was involuntarily showcasing Anonymous theatrical Bond Villain Motto "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. "
There is every reason to think about the prosecutor's strange treatment of tours around the Assange case. It is outrageous that sites like Tankafetast and The Pirate Bay are forced to put up with being constantly under attack from the copyright industry. This is not an excuse to take the freedoms whatsoever.

Anonymous candles shyer members use threats to get what they want. They threaten not only to businesses and governments. Other netizens get to taste Anonymous inability to forgive and forget. Telecomix threatened some time ago with an unusually racist, sexist and homophobic tirade about Anonymous superiority. Even I, I have my fair share of Anonymous lack of charm.

The message is clear. You should do as Anonymous says, otherwise you kindly sit down and wait for the anonymous self-appointed judges and executioners. You can not make Anonymous to please even if you try. Anonymous is a collection of loose clusters that seem fairly independent of each other.

There is no line to follow. There is just a hodgepodge of diverse opinions that it is impossible to follow, because they often clash with each other. None of us leave room for anything else but sit and wait for Anonymous maximum indiscriminate retaliation.

Nor is it easy to understand how it is supposed to be promoting freedom of expression and freedom by restricting freedom of expression and freedom of others. History is full of people and organizations that considered themselves above their own ideals and principles, but they are hardly role models to emulate. Double standards is not a flattering trait.

If Anonymous aspires to be anything other than a digitized vigilantes, they have a lot of work ahead of them.

There are talented people with their heart in the right place even within Anonymous. They should, however, consider both once and twice before they engage their digital pitchforks and torches and rush out into cyberspace with the rest of the mob. Freedom can never be justified by a lack of freedom of expression. Legal certainty can never be protected by a lack of legal certainty. We must always practice what we preach. The future belongs to those who communicate, not those who threaten.

 In Swedish:  http://www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/article15550691.ab

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  1. Oh dear... Google translate is a tool that helps you get a quick idea about what a foreign text is about. It is not a proper translation tool that replaces real translators.

    I'll do a proper translation of it. It's a little bit easier to discuss my text further if people have read a proper translation of it.

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