October 25, 2012

Courage Swedish Lady telling like it is in the duckpond

Today is United Nations Day. Perhaps the most appropriate to consider human rights. They are violated on all sides of all nations, and Sweden is certainly no exception. Today we should all think about what rights we have as citizens in Sweden. It is high time to think more of what signal we give our children. What a legacy, and in what condition we leave this country to our children?

Throughout the ages, people's rights run over by those who had been set to represent us. Our ancestors have paid in blood, sweat and tears for what we regard as our rights. Have we not a duty to ensure that this is maintained and not violated?

You can choose to be politically correct. You can buy their talk about democracy that means voting every 4 years and then shut your mouth. But you can also choose to see the truth, which is that it is not in their agenda to work for good of the people but for the money and power to enrich themselves on the people while we are silenced more. And when I see the whole picture, I feel certainly no need to be politically correct. I know only a resounding need to stand up for the children, our neighbors in Sweden and abroad, to stand up for human rights before it is completely to late! To honor, preserve and improve for the people.

It is the people who finance it all, to live together in a world where capital is GOD and the people do not count. How come we don't count? We are far more than the politicians and authorities who abuse their power. We should ask ourselves why they are unable to count us when they can handle huge numbers when it comes to money!

Today I put political correctness aside and I will talk about some controversial things! Controversial does NOT mean things we should NOT react to. It just means that people at power does not want us to react. But we have to react if we have any sense of self-preservation. We have opportunities and responsibilities, to find the truth, and to stand up for it. The power elite does not intended to serve it on a silver platter to the people. It is our responsibility to search, view, and fight for the truth and our rights. If we do not take that responsibility, then consequence will arrive and it appears extremely tummy turning quite frankly.

Bradley Manning and Jeremy Hammond are two young men who are in prison. They sit because they have disclosed information about war crimes, etc. to WikiLeaks. Around the globe there are held rallies for these men, but in Sweden it's pretty quiet. Why? Do not forget these men names, they are imprisoned for YOUR RIGHTS TO KNOW about war crimes!

TODAY the on UN DAY Manning has been in prison 881 days without trial. Does that sound human? No it is not, its called USA! And they do not follow the law says you can not hold any more than 120 days, then they have right to a trial. But what does the law mean to the power elite? Not a thing, as usual.

The United States the land of the free .... what qualified bullshit, quite frankly. If we thought Bush was crazy when we may not know what Obama is. He went to the polls to close Guantanamo Bay, popularly known as GITMO. He closed it? No, he developed the concept instead. What did OBAMA do while you were celebrating the New Year last yr, do you think? I can tell you, he signed NDAA! What is the NDAA ask you, perhaps?

IF I SAY THE RIGHT TO HOLD PRISONERS ON INDEFINITE TIME BUT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TRIAL! In other words, OBAMA imprison those he wants to, and hold them without trial for as long as it suits him. He'll just say that he suspected you to be terrorist, and he has his shrimp sandwich mayonaised and good to go.

At Gitmo are currently 166 people detained. They use torture. Water board Drowning torture, psychological torture, people who found hanged, with tied arms and socks in his mouth. They open and clear the prisoners of their organs before handing out the remains. In this way, there can never be performed an autopsy and relatives can never have confirmed the cause of death. Does this sound like a place you want to be in?

Prisoner No. 167 have now almost 11 years after Gitmo opened, starved himself to death. He had traveled abroad to get help with a head injury after a car accident. It made him a terrorist by the U.S. and the man sat MORE THAN 10 years without trial at Gitmo before he died. His name was Adnan Latif and he chose to end his life painfully after he expressed to his lawyer several years ago that "THERE WILL NEVER BE A LIFE AFTER THIS"

Do not forget his name, he died due to states declares the people for terrorists ... when there are those states that authorize and use this who are the real terrorists! Sweden's government supports the United States, it would make our country a terrorist state as well then.

We must ask ourselves what becomes of us if we remain silent, because it means we accept all this. NOT IN MY MAN CAN I JUST SAY, NOT IN MY NAME!

Svartholm Warg detained. He was sentenced as a founder of The Pirate Bay to one year in prison. He departed before judgment but Sweden had stated that he had nothing more to expect if he came home and serving sentences. They tracked down the man in Cambodia where Svartholm was legal. Then pulled the Swedish Embassy in his passport and got a deal with Cambodia on to expel him. That way you escaped extradition treaties and so on.

To suspend a person's passport in this way goes against all the rights we thought we had the Swedes. You make it fit just to reach what you want. What is it you want with this. Well to please the U.S. that forced the upon Swedish people the file sharing law. And it seems as if you are aiming to pick the luminaries, which symbolizes one of the people civil curage. In this way it silences people by criminalize half the population and set an example with their prominent front figures. THIS IS INSTALL FEAR IN PEOPLE TO MAKE THEM SILENT!

Sweden held its promise nothing more to wait? Oh no, they arrested Svartholm when the plane landed, and since then he has been isolated. The cries of infringement here and intrusion there .... but if this was so obvious, why does it take such time to investigate? Why did not Svartholm sit his 1 yr punishment while he waits? For they want to keep him as short and quiet as they want with Assange. The pattern in all this is quite clear if you look a little on the whole thing and it's a shame, frankly, because again there are laws the U.S. imposes on the people, it was not grass-roots support at all and then it should be crimes against the Constitution from our governing then!

Police investigating The Pirate Bay named Jim Keyzer and he got a job at Warner Brothers. If you have not woken up before so should this information make you wonder why Hollywood govern your country!

The Assange case

The Assange case is not easy to understand if you just follow the traditional media. It's a very complex situation that shows a suspicious silence from the global media about how many of the world's governments persecute Mr Assange.

Its not meant for us to know that this case is contaminated from the beginning of the alleged victims who together went to "discuss the possibility of an HIV test" with one of the alleged victims AA's friend who is a police officer. The case should therefore be considered contaminated from the very beginning!
We are not supposed to be aware that the alleged victim AA sat in during the second alleged victim SW´s discussion which later turned into accusations rape / sexual assault by the Swedish state.

We're not even supposed to be aware that the alleged victim AA, who is friends with the police woman, submitted its own report after she sat in the interview with the alleged victim SW and actually had herself commented on the case during that investigation .

We are not supposed to discuss the fact that the alleged victim AA has filed a condom as evidence to support their claims, but the condom contained no DNA from Mr Assange.

We are probably not even supposed to discuss that ALL involved at the top in this case, addressed accusations are all politically engaged in the Social Democratic Party in Sweden.

These basic facts makes the whole matter very pale and suspicious and should be enough to get every citizen to question the validity of our government continue running despite these obvious problems. Add to this the fact that the United States has stated that Mr Assange is an enemy of the state only because he told the truth about war crimes committed in Iraq, and that Sweden has a special extradition agreements concerning extradition to the U.S., which was signed in cowboy Reagan time in the White House and the picture is crystal clear.

This would not be the first time that Sweden sits in the lap of the United States. We have several unfortunate incidents where human rights are grossly violated, and laws used that arose from America's desires, and not for the people that our politicians are supposed to represent.

This is a case that has become an international circus where lots of countries have been forced to sit in meetings to agree on the embassies MUST be sovereign soil of the country which possesses embassies in different countries when the British threatened to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Prosecutor Marianne Ny here in Gothenburg, which re-opened the case by request of the scandal lawyer BORGSTRÖM is hiding behind the curtains and refuse to comment. And what will she respond when we make the following questions ...

- Why drive to a drop in international circus when there is obvious reason to prosecute at least one of the so called victims of false evidence?
- What is the reason it is so important for you to exclude any cooperation around Assange security on the U.S. if you are so convinced that your case even holds up in court?
- Do you prosecutors have too much power and why it seems that you are abusing the Marianne NY?
- Who salaries you Marianne NY beyond that what you get on our tax money? For this reeks of dead cat!

Frequently misconceptions that abound are for ex. Assange fled Sweden. WRONG he stayed five weeks to clear up the matter and went out of state.

Assange is to be prosecuted of rape. WRONG there is no court on this, the case is on Marianne Ny's table who refuse all cooperation to settle the matter.

Assange is hiding at the embassy to avoid accountable. WRONG he has received political asylum based on much study of Ecuador investigating any threats against Assange and then gave him political asylum. He has many times suggested alternative ways for questioning with the reservation that his life is ensured.

THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHT WE ALL WANT TO GET PERMISSION TO HAVE, BUT ITS NOT RESPECTED BY NEITHER SWEDEN OR ENGLAND. Had they done so, it had probably been out of the world by now. What does that tell us to state so miserably refuses to secure the man's life? I say that I have strong reason to suspect that Sweden intends to offend Mr Assange's human rights by the extradition treaty with the U.S., otherwise they would not have behaved so ugly that they are doing in this.

For me, it becomes quite obvious, this does not seem to be about women's rights. It seems to be about some kind of trol feminism with a political agenda on personal gain has taken over our country, and if it fits into their political agenda so we castrate all the men in the process then or what? Is this the way it should be? Because in that case, watch this woman jump of that train faster than the train could say toot toot!

Would a true feminist tells me that I'm too stupid as a woman to understand if I am the victim of crime or not? Would a true feminist belittle me as a woman and my ability to think and feel independently? NO, I can tell you all, a true feminist would say, you are strong and wise enough to know that best yourself what you feel and if you want my help, then you should get it, from human to human. But troll feminism verbally chops the genitals off men as it now looks just fits into their political agenda and that we accept?

We have become a country where sex with animals is legal, and as soon as politics are buzzing so called sexual intercourse during consent is called rape. SHOULD I INTERPRET WHAT AS ANIMALS GIVE THEIR CONSENT TO OUR REPRESENTATIVES OF  STATES FULL ACCEPTANCE but that adult women do not have the sense to cry rape in our liberated Sweden in 2012? Damn for such crap is all I can say.

 I would add that much information is leaked, on the net, 100 pages of interviews, etc. and when to collect material and facts you become truly pale.

And if Assange's revelations about war crimes is to be the enemy of the state, the belief in human rights, transparency from our governments is to be an enemy of the state, then I will proudly say then I am an enemy of the state,because bend over and sell out the rights of the people, That I don't do!

Our judicial system!

We Swedes like to think that we live in a constitutional state. But if we look more closely at the legal system, we have a very big reason to raise eyebrows. The complete failure of this is shown by the headlines around this that runs in press ever day just about. Almost daily, we are greeted by headlines showing bias in our courts, cases need to be redone and so on.

If we look at the facts, we can not deny the right of appeal limited. It is not obvious that it comes up in a higher court to get a second trial as it was before.

There is also the fact that the lay judges are political appointees. That's when we really have to hear the warning bell sound loud and clear. In the first instance, they have also NO legal training and the second instance, it is as I say not so obvious that it will nowadays. In any case, should be able to rely on impartial judgement, but all the while they are political appointees so not the case.

Moreover, the fact that in what could move on thousands of trials only since the 1st of January 2011 found that jurors were disqualified, that sat in the court and Police board at same time for example. The courts say they have no way to check this ...... but dear, if it is NOT checked, the actual bottom line is that we might as well remove the courts and let the police judge after examination!

For this we are also unfortunately had to realize that it is not even checked if those who judge,are non convicts. It has been shown that by about 8500 jurors examined, it has 200 figured in criminal investigations, and 75 have been convicted of crimes.

Is all this really acceptable? And when we see these facts, by what reason do we mean that we can call ourselves the state of justice? All, of course, not punished, or biased, but you can never escape the fact that this is going give us reason to fear a failed judicial system because of those who have abused their positions. If we sum up all, we get the following:

- Lay people without legal training in the 1st court.
- NO automatic right to a second trial in the higher court, where they actually have legal training of lay judges.
- Politically appointed jurors in both instances.
- Biased jurors
- Punishing jurors
If we look at the headlines on cops, etc., what do we get?
Well Police broke the arm of a woman was convicted, was promoted.
Police shot like a cowboy in central Stockholm, awaiting prosecution, was promoted.

Or how about this, employees' children were taught how to beat the prisoner dummy doll with batons and using pepper spray on the family day at a prison.
In other words, if you are wearing uniforms and break the law then you are rewarded. And it does not seem to matter if they are crimes violating human rights. What does such things in what calls itself a rule? You can really tell that abuse is worthwhile and if we remain silent when we accept it.

Laws enacted criminalizing the majority of the people. Should not the law be for the good of the people? U.S. press and our politicians meet them sympathetically. We have no vote in the U.S., so why laws are allowed to come about in this way? Because in the end is the capital and the power elite who look to their own best interests and not the people. But do they follow the law themselves? The Constitution is clear, the power shall be based on the people. But where does it say that power shall be exercised against the people?

FRA law making, power screaming terrorism and hey, before we knew it could be used at the turn of the interception of Säpo and the NATIONAL CRIM cops. Police shouting now quickly that they want the right to hit mobile phones. Have you thought about your right to privacy? For it is unfortunately so you do not have that right anymore!

File Sharing Laws are made, but gets the artist or writer of the song or his work, more money for it? No, it seems to only be beneficial for Hollywood. Then we end up in the U.S. seems to control our laws again. If you wanted to really give the author the right to income for their work so do not I that they had solved it by arranging a payment system that was fair instead of the man who now pays as much to fill up the 15 songs that one would pay for the whole CD if you had bought it in a store. How much of that do we imagine ourselves going to the artist or author, and how much goes to other intermediaries where much wants even more.

While our elected officials benefits billiards industries they also take the opportunity to limit people's ability to share information. Why does it reek dead cat about that? Well because it means that people are given more chance to unite, to share information, to understand and to react when we see things that are wrong. This is something that is at odds with the power elite. They want to work undisturbed and we are NOT supposed to interfere!

I think we need to slow ourselves down for a moment and consider the following: IS IT REALLY SO, JUST BECAUSE LEGISLATORS SAYS SOMETHING IS ILLEGAL THEN IT AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES WRONG TO DO IT?

If we answer yes to that question, we NOTE THAT WE HAVE FAILED TO REMEMBER the workers who was shot dead in ÅDALEN 1931 for our right to strike.

If we answer yes to this question, we note that we have lost the ability to think independently.

And I mean that is when we have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, of democracy or repression.

For it is precisely these things that make many people feel powerless, it does not matter how you vote, it can not be changed. It can only be perceived in a way, we live in a country where you oppress people under the false flag of democracy.

If the state in the least want to change these perceptions of the people, then that's probably the doorstep of our politicians to start PROVE who they really work for?

Nobel they ridicule. Obama get peace prize but for what when we see how he acts? And just when we think it can not get worse then they heckle the man's last wish again by give it to the bank capitalists EU club of mutual admiration.

If we look at the EU, we have among other war powers who actively participated in the illegal invasion of Iraq in modern contemporary military history. We have a Sweden that pumps out weapons to the world and make profit from war, we have Afghanistan and we have contracts with Saudi on building weapons factories.

We have a crisis in Europe, where the inhabitants of several countries roots in the garbage for food, suicides have soared at rocket speed. A Europe where people are invading the streets, parliament buildings, etc. in their desperate struggle to survive banks that cost thousands of lives a year in the EU right now. There is a civil war in Europe the people, against the banks. And then you give the banks best buddies the EU peaks chance to bask himself in the glory of a Nobel Peace Prize.

Time to fire the Nobel Prize Committee, we can safely say. But no cloud without a silver lining, EU resistance in Norway just grew, so there are still countries where we can take refuge in the asylum intent we should not delude ourselves that we are protected from the misery down in southern Europe. The problem is that up here we have a chance to counterattack the devil in the gate, so the big question is perhaps why we are not out there and do it while the time is!

Ship to Gaza has for the 3rd time, made their journey in their valiant attempt to break the blockade of Gaza. Several countries' citizens have thru repeated trips highlighted what true heroes they are. Again attacked peace activists by Israel and kidnapped. Our Swedish ship Estelle was seized and the cargo as well. This barbaric procedure clearly shows how Israel also treats Palestinians.

Two years ago boarded and killed nine Israeli peace activists. This Saturday they kidnapped the entire crew, wronged them, shot with stun guns etc.. Activists said accused, among other things to help the enemy. The ship carried children's books, midwifery equipment and wheelchairs etc.

What does Israel actually say with such claims? Well in my world its that the enemy are children, disabled people, carers and birthing women then. But in all seriousness, can someone get permission to behave like that and get away with it? Yes the world's governments have not put their foot down on the slaughter of the Palestinians, had they done so then Israel had not been allowed to continue. Yes I say allowed because in all the while our elected officials are not roars away once and for all so we allow it.

Here we see clear examples of how human rights are not recognized for some people. They will apparently not have human rights. The United Nations and the governments of the world: STOP THE ISRAEL'S PROGRESSION NOW. It can not wait another day because if you don't do something then you become silent collaborators to this inhuman behavior. You wont do it in my name, I'll just tell you. NOT IN MY NAME!

To all the activists at Estelle, and Gaza: Our hearts sailing with you every time. You are the true heroes and you stand up for human rights with your own lives at stake. Governments around the globe ought 2 be ashamed to death when they are hiding in their bureaucratic cowardice!

It seems as if there exists only one real UN and it bears the name Ship to Gaza for which it is clear that people from different nations unite for human rights.

 Carola Anchor
# Enemy ofthe State
  and In Swedish:  http://www.twitlonger.com/show/jou8a3
Website http://enemyofthestate.hemsida24.se/se

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