October 10, 2012

Swedish Expressen they fail as independent and neutral observers

Cow at Expressen bellow again.

A classic trick:
Take note of the excessive criticism and in the stand in the light of it
as an independent and neutral observers.

But it is not. Expressen has always been looking for Assange, which iofs motivated by the novelty value. While it has not been able to give it all a comprehensive analysis by examining the notification, and the notifier, as it deemed contrary to journalistic ethics. It has also been a part of the female writer the defense of the plaintiffs in the principal feminist grounds, where the sisters rushed to the sisters' help, and brought suit against Assange by media.

Is there anyone who linked the Wikileaks and Assange's leadership role in the organization of criminal accusations, it's probably all cow and Expressen. Carefully and systematically. It has the article is another example of that.


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WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
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