October 2, 2012

Swedish ducks are never guilty for splashing on the grass

Inconsistencies on the cyber attacks the Swedish place blame on Assange

From several news, the same copied script,  let's pick the latest from BigPond News and check how contradicting they are reporting the Swedish propaganda most importantly, in English and of course also in Svenska as the Swedish authorities are recruiting national support for their failed case against Assange.

The Swedish authorities want to question him over allegations of rape made by two Swedish women.
Ahlqvist said it was obvious that the number of internet attacks aimed at Sweden had increased since the case against Assange had emerged in 2010, even if it was hard to establish a formal link.

 'As long as the Assange affair continues we shall see attacks on Swedish targets,' he said. 

With this I undersand that even if the attacks come from some else unrelated to Assange, he will continue being the "accused".

Then... the accusation states on the same article, on the last sentence that reads,

A pro-Assange group said it was responsible

Whether is Assange or not, he will be the favourite Swedish target for any well cooked crime they might think of. 
"Swedish ducks are never guilty for splashing on the grass, unless... they are male"

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