October 24, 2012

Claes Borgström examined in disciplinary

Lawyer Claes Borgström's participation in the e-mail conversation with Supreme Court Justice Göran Lambertz broached strategies for the debate on the so-called Quick matter, will now be tried in the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee.

Claes Borgström.
Claes Borgström.
Photo: Gunnar Lundmark
Anne Ramberg, Secretary General of the Bar Association, decided on his own initiative in september to find out why Claes Borgström participated in the e-mail conversation with Lambertz and the previous Quick Investigators Christer van der Kwast and Seppo Penttinen. Mail conversation has been published in several media in september this year, and has been strongly questioned.
After receiving responses from Borgström, the issue of e-mail conversation raised in the Bar Association board has now decided to refer the case for trial in the Disciplinary Committee. This means that the Board considers whether Borgström may have breached professional conduct.
If the Board determines that this is the case, the penalty for the lawyer whose case is considered to be a reminder, a warning, or in exceptional cases, expulsion from the community. The Board may also come to the conclusion that it is enough to make a statement.
- I will not comment on this further right now, and I want to stress that it is not about the so-called Quick-matter without the mail, says Anne Ramberg to Svenska Dagbladet.
In email conversation Svenska Dagbladet published Sept. 19 so compliments Claes Borgström Judicial Council for action in TV debate where criminology professor Leif GW Persson appeared.
To write Borgström the Lambertz August 20: "I think you handled the discussion in Current very good. Leif was sober? ".
After one of the Lambertz debate post where Bergwall alleged to be guilty of murder he was acquitted, writes Borgström following the Lambertz: "An excellent article".
When the e-mail conversation was published commented Thomas Olsson, Sture Bergvall current lawyer, Borgström's participation as follows:
- I have a hard time understanding that Claes Borgström wanted to participate in this conspiracy, and I think it is outrageous that he participates in something that is directly harmful to his former client. To commend an article where Bergwall allegedly owe battles against all the fundamental values ​​of a lawyer. We are looking very seriously his role in this, says Thomas Olsson.
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In normal hearing Disciplinary Committee only cases where the notifier is a client, counterparty or someone in a different way are touched by it. But the Secretary-General and the Board have the possibility to take the initiative themselves to a case, which occurred in this case.
- This will be handled in exactly the same way as in other cases, and the lawyer may make a statement. Normally it takes a case about three months to process, says Anne Ramberg.
Anne Ramberg has previously been critical of Göran Lambertz action in the Quick-debate, and said in september TT that it is "perfectly obvious" that one can not be both justices and "private detectives" at the same time.
- I think it is inappropriate, I think it's sad and it hurts HD and the judiciary, said Anne Ramberg said.

Ia Wadendal ia.wadendal @ svd.se 
 Sourced: SVD
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