October 16, 2012

Assange: What happens to Sweden tourism?

I think we can and should establish, once and for all, (that) to Julian Assange is innocent, to the row (of) crimes, which he has been accused, in the o-democracy Sweden!
It is obvious to the enlightened.

Circumstantial evidence, that supports the thesis:
  • first appeared J. A. voluntarily for questioning in Sweden, already the 30/8 2010
  • and he was informed, that he after the hearing could leave the country, which he did
  • and he has not committed any offense against any of the two women in question!
  • and lack of forensic evidence, in the form of eg a used, damaged condom
  • first, but may particularly, it applies Sweden solid State Feminism, which means that the state, in time and out of season, seeking extension of the term "rape" to include so much more than what the term originally meant to be and should mean.
Society B. is tired on political correctness, which means that you judge people without trial and shed rather than wooing.

Examples are not lacking.
  1. Guantánamobasen (how can it still be open and considered acceptable?) , m.fl.
On what legal grounds are kept YES (JA) in a sort of house arrest - indefinitely - at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?

Not more people react to this right rot, now so evident in Sweden, is scary!

In a true democracy, you are innocent until proven otherwise!
Neither more nor less.

Society B. notes again that the o-democracy Sweden tragically not a legally secure place to live. On the contrary!

No wonder JA avoid traveling back to Sweden.
In general: not very good tourist advertising for Sweden ... to put it mildly.

 Question: cherish Sweden on tourism or not? 

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