October 10, 2012

Swedish Karin Olsson's paranoid traits are crystal clear

Ursprungligen postat av HimsHelighet
Karin Ohlsson paranoid traits are very clear.

WikiLeaks which claims to pursue a particularly important journalism is not afraid to smear other journalists - such as me.

In light of what is expected of a Journalist question arises, is Karin Olsson at all a journalist? Especially with what is stated in the guidelines as a real journalist is expected to adhere to. The last point calls for reflection fetning see, but there's more! It is easier to list those KO considers necessary to respect them than she respectfully shit in. How was it again with a moral compass and professional integrity!

The Elements of Journalism

Journalist's first obligation is to the truth.
Journalist's first loyalty is to citizens.
Journalist's discipline is verification.
The journalist must remain independent from those who should be monitored.
The journalist must act independent guardian of power.
Journalist must provide a forum for open criticism and compromise.
The journalist must strive to make the significant interesting, and relevant.
The journalist must keep the news transparent and proportionate.
The journalist must be allowed to follow their personal conscience.

using internal sources, including interviews with people directly involved in the events to be reported on, original documents, and other primary sources, where possible.
credit information from already published sources, if their sources are not available. Not naming such sources is called plagiarism.

using multiple independent sources, especially if the topic is controversial
check all the facts that emerge during the process.

find and report on all sides of the story.

reports without taking a position, by giving more sides of the story's voice.

is careful to give konfidentialitetslöften the sources.

declines gifts and services from those who are involved in an event that does not seem affected.

refrain from reporting or participating in efforts to investigate someone they have a personal bias against.


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