October 2, 2012

Member outs self as the convicted criminal & arsonist Martin Fredriksson behind Amnesty kerfuffle

Flashback by:  Espressino

Ursprungligen postat av 1915
Thought to contribute my idea of ​​what happened when Swedish Amnesty was shot in the arm.

When Amnesty International went out with his appeal to the Swedish authorities to ignore the Constitution, I was one of those who was annoyed. I wrote simply to Swedish Amnesty and asked if they supported the AI. The letter is available here, where also my other support to WikiLeaks shows. I wrote nothing about my enormous influence over the Swedish media, or my hugely influential friends.

The day after I get answers from Swedish Amnesty, the same message comes up later on their website. I am the first with the news and spread it as best I can. With some success, I hope.

I personally do not think that I was more than the amount of people who got in to the Swedish Amnesty. The only thing that separates me from the others is that I was the first to deliver the news. I would not mind being the sole pressured Swedish Amnesty to this, but I personally do not think that is the case.

And finally. Read worker on Thursday. Will be fat

Well if you had come from martin.fredriksson @ hotmail.se I think the outcome would have been different. You were followed closely by 10 negative votes being Swedin and Anders-E were two of the negative. Both have previously shown that they have an agenda, and rushed to the defense of Anna Ardin in prataomdet thread. So you were the first matter, you set the stone rolling. If your action was democratic, answer no! What's funny is that after the ten negative responses came destroy the two days more than that Amnesty're hiring. Wonderful is short and you as the sender might recognize your real reason

Amnesty did not get shot in the back, they turned abruptly on how spineless they are and you showed what kind of journalist you are. You have never defended the Constitution as the fire bombs and stones throw left you represent, but your purpose is undoubtedly to go extreme feminist issues. There is no honor in it, just as there is when you shoot even setting dist the march.

Original flashback:  https://www.flashback.org/sp39619537

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