October 8, 2012

Swedish smears against Assange since 2008

The Expos article about WikiLeaks and Assange, but that really is more about Israel Shamir, stated:
"EXPO HAS HAD ACCESS to email between Shamir and Assange ..."
"We ask him (DDB) comment e-mails, which sent to Expo "

The oldest mail was from 2008. Before WL and JA were well known. It suggests more that it was Shamir email that was the source of the Expo. Someone had access to them and sent to the Expo with the aim of discrediting JA.

How can Shamir mail reach Expo? Who would have access to Shamir's mail and then send selected parts at a time that was consistent with all the other attempts to discredit the anti-JA.

Who listens mail traffic between Shamir and Assange in 2008? FRA, I guess. The new FRA law clubbed in parliament June 18, 2008 against stiff opposition in and outside parliament. It gave the green light to eavesdrop concerning "foreign relations". Although the Act does not take effect until 2009, but it is generally considered that the FRA has already conducted this kind of reconnaissance-now it was legalized and expanded.

Which way these emails wandered from FRA to Expo, one might wonder. Probably through the Sapo, or MUST, as 2011 saw an easy way to undermine Assange's reputation by leaking selected emails to Expo. Expo's reaction was predictable and it has in this case acted as a "useful idiot" in this context.

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