October 3, 2012

Recent cyber-attacks against the Swedish authorities

Startsidan / Nyheter (google translated)

After the Swedish police on Monday raided the hotel PRQ server, with links to The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks, Anonymous has attacked including the Armed Forces, SAPO, SEB and Swedbank.

The so-called hacktivisterna explained in a video yesterday that making the attacks in response to the police raid, which it believes was a violation of freedom of information as it knocked out several file sharing sites.

Works Exhibited their threats

In the video, Anonymous promised the Swedish government that more attacks would come.
Last night and this morning, they have also come up. According Nyheter24 greeted visitors at the National Board site by Anonymous symbol and the message:

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Fuck Swedish".
And this morning was also hit SNCA site domstol.se of disorders, according to TT.

Trying to solve the problems

Welfare was taken by surprise by the attack and had on Wednesday morning, still not in full control of the situation.
- Right now we have gathered to try to solve the problems. I must ask you to return later, says Oscar Vasquez on the National Board's press service told Aftonbladet.
SNCA Safety Officer Hakan Sonesson:
- We are currently looking at it. We have absolutely disturbances but has no details yet about what is behind, he said.

Police: It will continue

National Police is now working full time with the attacks.
- Acute apply it to collect what is going on around the country right now. Then, all government agencies to review their systems, it's very different from how far you have come, says Anders Ahlqvist, cybercrime specialist, told Aftonbladet.
He believes that the hacker attacks will most likely continue.
- There is nothing that will end tomorrow, exactly.
Anders Hansson, head of the Authority Ethylene for community preparedness Internet device CC, part police fears that the attacks will continue.
- Yes, there is a risk, he says.
And the attacks will become more common in the future, according to Cisco Security Manager Henrik Davidsson:
- Yes, my God, this is just the beginning. We will have to get used to this type of attacks, including in the form of identity theft, the more we live our lives online.

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