October 6, 2012

Swedish Anna Ardin not a true feminist

Ursprungligen postat av espressino
Hehe wonder how many feminists it is, in the last election (2010) was fi 24,139 votes ....

Now define feminism You probably just as Fi. Fi = the real feminists. It's so marginal political groups work. They try to conquer hegemony and prevail in a particular field. It should not go on. It is important that we differentiate between the small group that got lost in the gender jungle and the large group that wants equal rights for men and women. Both call themselves feminists, but they do completely different things.

Ursprungligen postat av alemanha
I support feminism:
nism FEM • • i / ˌ femə nizəm /
The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Yes, who can be against it? Feminism is, globally speaking, still a frihetsrörelse.

Where Anna Ardin's notification of YES an expression of feminism? I can not think. Either it was an expression of personal revenge or for political expediency, or something even worse.

Ardin protrudes her feminism only to get support from/with  the sisters. Hence the different stories about why they went to the police, the three different stories about what happened in bed, the erasure of tweets, counterfeit condoms, etc. Ardin's "feminism" seems in this case to be a veil as she hides behind, for that we will not delve too deeply into what really happened and what she did. 

Flashback: https://www.flashback.org/sp39673498

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