October 23, 2012

Espressino sums up the mistakes of Swedish Pirate Bay

Ursprungligen postat av laxsillI do not understand why this is a problem that people in the Pirate Party is anti-liberal or feminists. I'm very active in the Youth (Young Pirate) and really see myself as a strong feminist.
Hopefully, the party in that direction soon. Any feminist conspiracy (unreasonable thought) has nothing to do with one person or party for a feminist politics. If it were so, I have missed too many meetings with conspiracy group :-)
Incidentally, I can say that I have heard about the same things that Mab of Julian, from quite a number of credible sources. I'm not at all surprised. I do not judge him beforehand, but still expressing the importance of Julian taken to court. Moreover, Julian pretty good odds anyway, no matter what happened. Why? To Julian is a man who is accused of sexual crimes against a woman, and our judicial system leaks like a colander rough in terms of the type of crime. I also agree with Mab about everything he has written here on the flashback. It _enda_ reason that can make me consider Mabs departure is my adamant principle that everyone should resign and society is changing fundamentally. But before Mab depart, perhaps we should prioritize old man Empire in the judiciary, the political bourgeoisie and the cops. Mab doing - what I have seen - a fantastic job. But as I said, it is mainly Amelia to judge.
I also think it is very positive that the Mab and Amelia hanging here on flashback. We are an exciting forum that more politicians should hang on. Although I rarely agree with people, I can appreciate many grilling threads, and think more politicians should be grilled here. But I feel a little offended. I am one of the party's most compelling queer radical feminists (I like incidentally expression feminazist). Why have not I received more attention here?
Isak Gerson
Pipsill it was, or, to rush to the defense of the aggrieved potential leads to points on the plane home, but not in flashback. Mattias which basically seems like a pretty decent guy it happens he lets his tongue easily slip. Instead of actually calmly bite the bullet, make a poodle and two days to be back on track so he chooses to go into polemics. Easy bantering, little von oben reckless statement about how safe he is, that only a few fanboys to Assange that he gets easily. Maybe he does, maybe he does not, it remains to be seen.

It is easy to forget in the heat of battle to Flashback actually been PP stronghold and basically unconditionally supported the PP in their endeavors. 500,000 members is not a bad base to build on. It would be in the next European elections provide 14% of the votes, if you managed to attract the group. or why do you have all accounts on FB if ​​you have not found it basically is a pretty interesting forum.

You hit you proud of your chest and think feminazist is a good and descriptive words for your political ambitions. Let me in all kindness remind you to Fi in the last election got 24,139 votes, or 0.40% if you wish. For me personally, I think it is absolutely brilliant that fools you divide feminism into even smaller fractions. My personal opinion is that all parties should have a Feminazistisk edge of 3-5000 man who quarrel about the right to the right ideology while together you sink deeper and deeper into the swamp feminazistiska. Mourned and missed by no one at all. You will go down in history as the brackets you actually are.

Bjarne Malm sincere surprise and answer when he was accused of going feminist issues is telling, "I have not seen any feminists in Brussels." I believe him, for the simple reason that what you say you represent is a sectarian part of the equality debate in which hetero-phobia is what stands out the most, but above all it is a Swedish phenomenon, so by all means continue to split the party.

What bothers me more however is the consistent bullying of Assange exclusively based on hearsay, adding reliability. He flushes not, he showers he is not sexist, he treats women badly he is paranoid, etc. in a never-ending stream. If we play with the idea that Assange for some reason lacks certain social skills, and that there is a reason, a reason that Assange's control. Is he that different when bullied? Would you like pirate party gains at the forefront of the bullying campaign? Or are you singled out and bullied as pronounced queerfeminazist? The answer in these cases must be completed no! Bullying in any form is reprehensible so why bully you too Assange? We think different campaign has apparently passed you by, which I think is sad, very sad.

Pirate Party has a historic opportunity to remunerate Assange for his work with WikiLeaks a job that earned him a shared 5th place with Manning with bookmakers as possible Nobel laureate. Pirate Party should not take a position on the merits regarding the allegations, the Pirate Party will serve as the ugly duckling who dared to be different in order to grow up into a big beautiful white swan. You have the ball and opportunities. Add the hatchet and take political responsibility in a difficult question! Give Assange your words of support!

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