October 10, 2012

Swedish SMS soup

Ursprungligen postat av Niks-P
To rewind a bit:
How did it go to, in Aug 2010, when two Swedish women suddenly had remorse over their lönskalägen with JA??
According to some sources it was a secret (our own or the one who is above) that - with full knowledge of Jas tours to Enköping etc. - send anonymous messages to one or two "ladies".

Via SMS, email or otherwise, and who went on that they should be a little worried about what nasty diseases JA might carry

And from that moment it became such Kvinns to two obedient and useful idiots - the big brother cheap service .....
Today the ladies know nothing about how they could end up in the soup .....

If that information is correct, it is sensational. That would mean that someone with a good eye on the situation intriguing against SW and AA to get them to turn against JA (which they of course did).

Can you provide a little more meat on the bones?

One question that immediately arises is whether the anonymous text message that you are talking about (type 'Assange can be HIV-infected ") is included in the bundle confidential SMS Hurtig and Thomas Olsson become aware?


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