September 16, 2012

World gone un-controlled

Last Saturday (15Sep'12) while in town, I checked on the Freedom not Fear rally held at the Hyde Park in Sydney. The variety of topics was interesting; censorship, surveillance, governmental transparency, encryption, WikiLeaks and lovely music to enjoy. I am a WL’s supporter that is why I went.

While waiting for the speeches to start I was feeling uncomfortable,
I left to enjoy some lunch and returned to see how they were doing, I stayed for 2½ speeches but I was very uncomfortable with myself, my eyes blurry and tearful and I felt very cold, although the day was gorgeous but something was not right. I moved to a side table, I signed on a form I was invited to read and I left. That was about 20mins before “part” of the riot police was deployed at that particular section of the park.

Once I returned home I was “unusually very relaxed”, I checked on some news online to find myself surprised about the riots in the city. As I kept browsing from site to site I checked the times of updates, approximately 20mins after I left my spot at the park. My 6th sense at work once again.

Photos and short videos on Saturday lacked reassuring, the Skynews reporter was very shaken, she was at Park & Elizabeth Sts. I kept searching for more news updates and reading. The protesters rallying about the film depicting Mohammed were a large group, from the photos and videos they were coming from Central along both; Pitt and George Sts.

I could see the arrogance of the protesters leading the crowd, I could read the posters on the air asking to “behead all those that insult the Prophet”. What upset me most were these pictures…

A toddler holding an offensive sign and
his baby brother
The reason to bring children to these protests
is to avoid being responded by the police

This young child remains in my mind and I
hope as he grows up he pulls out into a more
self controlled balanced person

A baby and a young teen, a young person that is not fully formed carrying a very disturbing sign post. This child is already being indoctrinated into abhorrence. This child is one of our future citizens in the make not for progress but for destruction. His face indicates innocence, freshness and at that point he was spotted on that picture “he does not understand what is going on”, he has been positioned in a place reducing his chances in life. A life of danger a life full of negative emotions a life lacking trust, who to trust? In his case the manipulator extremist.
And the same for the toddler, he is too young to be “used” on idolisms, the way the mob was behaving that child could had been hurt.

The media favors the police actions, this time I agree with the way the police controlled the multitude and all thanks to wonderful “uncut” technology that allowed me to shape my opinion and see clearly why the police reacted firmly and strongly towards the irrational Muslim protesters. As I saw the uncut videos and photos I was able to view more clarity into the difficult situation. Today Sunday the photos are being selected and the videos have been trimmed to suit.

The Muslim protesters at the rally had to be difficult to deal with due to their excessive controlling nature. Apparently they forgot that we all share Australia, it is our home, we have chosen to live here with all our differences. In this country; we “talk”, we avoid using bad-tempered tools to express a point of view, we live in a civilized community where we talk but hit-to-harm.

Give your children a chance to change the irrational image the world has formed about Muslim.
Give your children the chance to change and bring back the loving image Mohammed gave you.

An insincere film cannot change your faith, it can never change your way of life.
Your behavior and reactions to disagreements, those…
those can change your way of life…
Your Choice to be a beast or to be a person of reason deserving respect.

 The Dog - the dog was at work and being controlled by
its master, in a normal situation we stand back but notice
one of the protesters was ready to kick the animal causing
more damage to the situation

 Has anybody noticed what the protestor got on his hand?

 THIS pix showing the walkers is a

 although the 6th Pillars seem to be the ones behind the
revolt, many wearing the t-shirts do not know the existence
of the extremist group, pure manipulation

Was there a need for this reaction?
doesn't he know his anger is an expensive trait?
Probably not, he better have his toothbrush handy
his photo is all over the web.

Time to grow up, time to learn respect for others around us.
I'm glad the experience of 15th September 2012 is over

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