September 25, 2012

Sweden should put 25.000 men in prison for rape

'Joel Malmqvist (s), having just been a candidate for the post as leader of the Social Democratic Students of Sweden, resurrects the 2003 anarcha-feminist theory of “Pleading Sex”. Under the headline “Is ‘Pleading Sex’ Rape?” he writes that women are subject to vast numbers of rape, and that an enormous number of guys are guilty of rape – by obtaining sex through insistently pleading their partners for it. Malmqvist is actively working for the Church of Sweden and is an activist within Broderskaparna, The Swedish Association of Christian Social Democrats. His girlfriend Katrine Kielos (s) recently claimed in Arena that a substantial proportion of “normal” sex acts in Sweden is actually rape.'.

They agreed with Swedish professor Christian Diesen that Sweden should put 25.000 men in prison for rape every year, not the 220 that is now sentenced per year.

Katrine Kielos is a friend of Anna Ardin. She has been working for justice minister Thomas Bodström, collegue to Claes Borgström, now the lawyer for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén. Media in UK should be aware that Katrine Kielos is based in London. She would probably be very happy to talk about the extreme rape rates we have in Sweden. She did publish a book on this matter, and is to be considered, also because she is a close friende to Anna Ardin, an insider with a very good understanding about the Assange case. Please get in touch with her, she will really enjoy the attention.

The Arena article is gone, needs to be retrieved from the Royal Library. Here is a blog commenting:
(translated article in this blog

Original Flashback:

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Kielos and Ardin might not be so good friends nowadays.. not since Ardin tweeted that Kielos (single) and Schlingmann (married) had been making out on a dancefloor in Visby during Almedalen 2011. The day after Ardin tweeted again and said she had been lying when she accused Schlingmann of adultery. Kielos was so upset at the time that she could not communicate directly with Ardin.


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