September 25, 2012

Who says AA/SW didn't doctor the condoms themselves so they could have WikiLeaks babies?

Flashback by: Theron


Ursprungligen postat av Storm.Hatt
Apparently you sit in the lab and tearing condoms.
But what can this have for evidentiary value? You do not know who tore the condom or when it was torn apart. Perhaps torn apart during use. Or after use, by whom? If there was a minor injury in the front before intercourse so maybe the patient did not observe this. How can we prove intent? Learned CB at Quick-trials that you can get convictions with absurd proof?

Given those AA's lovelorn female social circle who are willing to do anything to have a child, type via inseminations in Danish clinics or by flirting with unsuspecting men at the pub. What would be more interesting for a groupie than a child with a world famous?

Is there anything that says that condom AA State were not cut off at the top with eg a nail clipper? That pre-prepared in case it would be needed and precious inseminations failed?

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