September 26, 2012

Swedish court travels to Rwanda to interrogate witnesses

Swedish citizen charged with genocide 

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Photo: Brennan Linsley /
Scanpix Skulls of genocide victims in Nyamata Church in Rwanda.

A 53-year-old Gävle suspected of involvement in the Rwandan genocide, in which 800,000 people were killed in 100 days. In the near future he is charged and brought before the court in both Sweden and Rwanda.

The accused man was arrested at the end of december last year at Bromma airport in Stockholm. The man, who comes from Rwanda, is a Swedish citizen and resident of Gävle, the international wanted list when he was arrested. In november expected indictment brought against 53-year-old, who is currently detained on suspicion of involvement in the genocide in their home country in 1994.

- He is suspected of having participated in a number of massacres in Rwanda in 1994, the people of the Tutsi ethnic group. I will not go further into the massacres in the case of. Crime However, the classification is genocide and grave crimes under international law, says prosecutor Magnus Elving to Swedish Radio Echo .

The indictment is the first in Sweden of genocide. The report is about 5,000 pages long, and many of witness interrogations took place in Rwanda. According to Swedish Radio, you should also be part of the proceedings take place in Rwanda.

- It is easier to gather information in Rwanda, and it is unique, I think that a Swedish court is willing to travel to another country to conduct a trial, says Magnus Elving to echo.

Around 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda during the three months 1994th Extreme Nationalist Hutus were behind the genocide, and the majority of the victims belonged to the Tutsi ethnic group, but also moderate Hutus were killed. The trial of the accused 53-year-old is expected to start in november.

In Norway, began on Tuesday the trial of a 47-year-old Rwandans accused of genocide. Even where it is the first time that a genocide case tested in court. The man is under indictment have contributed to the murder of approximately 2000 people in Rwanda. 47-year-old denies the claims.


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