September 27, 2012

Anyone still in doubt US is after Assange?

US calls Assange 'enemy of state'

Flashback by: Espressino

Citat: Assange's US attorney, Michael Ratner, said the designation of WikiLeaks as an "enemy" had serious implications for the WikiLeaks publisher if he were to be extradited to the US, including possible military detention.

Citat: "It appears that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are the 'enemy'. An enemy is dealt with under the laws of war, which could include killing, capturing, detaining without trial, etc."

Citat: However, Australian diplomatic cables released to Fairfax Media under freedom-of-information laws over the past 18 months have confirmed the continuation of an "unprecedented" US Justice Department espionage investigation targeting Assange and WikiLeaks.

Citat: In a separate FOI decision yesterday, the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the release of Australian diplomatic cables about WikiLeaks and Assange had been the subject of extensive consultation with the US.

Citat: The Australian diplomatic reports canvassed the possibility that the US may eventually seek Assange's extradition on conspiracy or information-theft-related offences to avoid extradition problems arising from the nature of espionage as a political offence and the free-speech protections in the US constitution.

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If there is anyone who still doubt Assange's concerns about being extradited so read this. It is perfectly clear that the U.S. will try to round the rules say he can not be extradited for political reasons, but well of information theft or of conspiring.

Assange turned literally for his life, by WikiLeaks, he gave us the chance to see into the Leo ball and what we see should scare the crap out of every true democrat. the land of the free has now passed the limit of interstate comity and joined the ranks of the terrorists.

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